3 Portable Bluetooth Speakers You Should Know!


Hey! Aiming to have a beach party with your friends? Well, you cannot go without the best portable speakers in order to keep everyone charged up with great music. Each day, the market is filled up with trendy and high-tech speakers for people, so you should go with the one that suits your particular needs along with that it should also be affordable one.

While purchasing the Bluetooth speakers, you should also ensure that it is lightweight; hence, you never get in trouble while carrying it out everywhere. The perfect portable speaker ensures the ultimate sound quality that never hurt ears like many ordinary speakers do. It means that having the thorough research is essential for you while buying speakers. This blog has revealed some best speaker picks for you that you can bring in every party and make the most out of it.

  • Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

First of all, you cannot resist admiring its cool design along with the ideal sound; thus, it tops this particular list of speakers. This high-tech speaker has the feature of vocal reproduction along with the reasonable bass, making sound quality better for you. Furthermore, it also never brings any burden on your pocket and it also gives an edge over other speakers in the market. It is waterproof along with durable enough to survive from the 5 feet fall; hence, you can consider this speaker option and enjoy every party you go. If you talk about its battery life, so it is 8 hours, making it the reasonable speaker on the go. Furthermore, you should also visit the Noon Store where you can find perfect speaker options at the affordable rates and for getting discounts, you need to have Noon Discount Code.

  • JBL Extreme 3

It is another perfect option that you can have for your outdoor parties because it also ensures perfect sound along with that its battery lasts longer. Additionally, it also survives the rough handling and that also enhances its popularity among people. Yes, it is dustproof as well as waterproof and you also find the easy-to hold strap with this speaker, so you can also make your parties memorable with this awesome device. Its battery life is 17 hours and that also makes it the must-buy speaker for everyone.

  • Tribit XSound Go

It gets fixed easily into any laptop’s bag or you can put it in any suitcase easily and this attribute has attracted many people; thus, you find it in most of the parties. Its battery life is 10.5 hours on a single charge and it is reasonable to enjoy in any party. Yes, it is also waterproof and with that you can also not overlook its feature of the stereo pairing as well as USB-C charging option. 


Above-discussed are leading names when it comes to portable speakers in the market and all of them meet your requirement well; hence, grab the one that inspires you most.