5 Best Code Analysis Software Reported In 2021


What is Static Code Analysis Software? 

Static code analysis is the investigation of the program performed without really executing the code. Static code analysis programming checks all code in a project and searches out weaknesses, approves code against industry best practices, and some software tools approve against company-specific undertaking particulars. Salesforce Static code analysis programming is utilized by software improvement and quality confirmation groups to guarantee the quality and security of code, and that project prerequisites are met. 

To qualify as a static code examination framework, an item should: 

  • Sweep code without executing that code 
  • List security weaknesses subsequent scanning
  • Approve code against industry best practices 
  • Give suggestions on where and how to fix issues 

5 Best Code Analysis Software


PyCharm is an IDE for Python created by JetBrains. PyCharm is worked for proficient Python engineers, and accompanies different features to manage enormous code bases: code navigation, programmed refactoring, and other efficiency apparatuses, in a solitary bound together interface. 


ReSharper is a famous profitability apparatus that transforms Microsoft Visual Studio into a greatly improved IDE. Both individual .NET designers and groups depend on ReSharper to write and maintain code in a more sensible and pleasant manner, embrace the best coding practices and convey more excellent applications faster. 


A Coverity static investigation by Synopsys helps advancement and security groups find and fix imperfections and security flaws in code as it’s being composed. Coverity is exceptionally precise, upholds a huge number of designers, and rapidly examines enormous tasks surpassing 100 million lines of code, helping your groups fabricate secure, excellent software faster. 

Source Insight parses your source code and keeps up its own data set of representative data progressively while you work, and presents valuable relevant data to you consequently. 


CodeScan is the main start to finish static code analysis arrangement. Our answers are lightning prepared and are utilized solely for Salesforce, Salesforce groups, and DevOps groups. We have the biggest Salesforce ruleset, more than 21B line checks, and administration of more than 150 clients around the globe. Our investigation apparatuses engage all degrees of Salesforce DevOps groups with the capacity to grow quicker, better, cleaner, and more proficient code while offering a ceaseless examination of code security and quality. 

What we do: 

  • Control quality, permitting you to modify your code gates. 
  • Boost security to guarantee your code is secured by CWE and OWASP. 
  • Track specialized obligations by giving the capacity to examine your tasks rapidly. 
  • Increase profitability by automating the code audit measure. 
  • Enforce guidelines by empowering you to characterize your standards for your organization. 

ReSharper C++

ReSharper C++ makes Visual Studio a superior IDE for C++ engineers, giving on-the-fly code investigation, handy solutions, incredible inquiry and navigation, smart code fruition, refactorings, an assortment of code generation choices, and different features to help increment your ordinary profitability.