Algorithm for creating an online survey


The choice of a suitable online survey designer depends on the purposes and financial capabilities of the customer. How to создать анкету with the help of such a service?

Choosing the right service

In fact, all paid versions of survey services offer the same set of features and settings, with minor differences. To evaluate the capabilities of a particular constructor, you can use the test periods or free versions. But it must be taken into account that free tariffs on many survey services are very limited in functionality and it will not be possible to evaluate all the capabilities of the system.

For those who want to create an online survey for free, there are completely free platforms that suggest free plans with advanced functionality.

How does survey software work?

Assemble a multiple-choice poll without no charge, it’s actually a simple real-time poll. Your audience will join the poll on their phones and vote for their favorite option. All results are displayed on your laptop and audience phones in real-time.

Algorithm for creating a quiz:

  • Determine the goal – what do you want to get with the quiz?
  • Segment your audience. It can be narrow or wide. In the second case, the quiz can be made into several branches, that is, the questions will depend on which gender, occupation, or other fundamental factors the user chooses at the beginning.
  • Select the type and type of quiz.
  • Set a topic and come up with a title that will encourage you to take the quiz.
  • Make up questions and select relevant pictures.
  • Think over the mechanics of counting the results.
  • Write the wording for the answer and place buttons with which you can share the result.

Voting results are displayed on the screen in real-time. You can choose to display the result on your device in that form as you like.