Check these 7 tips to get genuine Instagram followers

get genuine Instagram followers

Instagram has proved itself to be one of the better social networking platforms for businesses, marketing and content marketing. If you wish to be a social influencer or want to just promote a brand, you need followers on Instagram. Here’s what you can do for more.

  1. Use the hashtags on other channels. Make sure that the hashtags used for Instagram are used on your website, Facebook and other social media websites.
  2. Avoid boring tags. Yes, you need to use some of the popular tags, but take your time to experiment. Instead of just ‘Instalike’, try something that’s more effective and relevant for your posts.
  3. Focus on content. Millions of images are posed on the app each day, and if you want likes Instagram, you must work on using content that matters to your audience. Focus on having a content plan in place.
  4. Use your bio link wisely. You might have seen how effective channels use the bio link to share new websites, information and details. Make the most of it, because users do have a tendency to check that.
  5. Consider using paid services. Companies such as often offer paid services. If you are starting a page, use such options to increase your followers, which will further help in expansion.
  6. Work on collaborations. When you want to get Instagram followers, collaborations are important. Get associated with brands, pages and other influencers, who can help in sharing your page.
  7. Focus on call to action. Every post has a purpose, and you would want your audience to follow the same. Make sure to have at least one ‘call to action’ tag for your posts. If it’s informative, ask people to share the post.

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