Guest Posting Guidelines That You Should Take Note Now


Guest posting is a good way to develop your brand, get inbound links, and increase traffic on your website. In this article, you will learn about the tips if you wanted to get your guest post accepted. Here, you will also learn other options if you wish to do something other than guest posting.

Guest Post on Sites Where Your Audience Are

Remember that not all traffic is considered as good traffic. Consider which sites you like to submit your guest post for consideration. Consider traffic that sticks for a long time. Make people become intrigued by your guest post at so they will click over to your site. Make them click the link in your bio and find great information on your site that they will love to read.

Indeed, writing a guest post takes some time and energy to accomplish. As such, don’t waste this by submitting content to a site whose readers are not your target audience. If you do this, you can have a momentary spike at your traffic but it won’t last that long.

Make sure to know more about your target audience. Determine what kind of blogs do they read. Those are the ideal sites to submit your guest post.

Don’t push guest posting on low-quality sites. This can give a signal to Google that your site is connected with low-quality sites. Sometimes, they may tag it as not trustworthy.

Submit Original Content

Your guest post must not be a post that you have already published on your blog or at any place on the internet. High-quality site cares about its reader experience like in They spend many hours in writing original content. Their ultimate goal is to stand out and be the best in what they do. The last thing they want is to receive reruns from your site.

Write Your Articles Well

Your guest post submission must be your best work. Remember, many sites are very particular about the content that they share with their audiences.

Spend some time to use the correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Edit your work. If you are not confident with your writing ability, have someone else check your work for you.

Remember that site owners do not have lots of time. The less your guest posts to be reformatted and edited, the more likely for it to be published on their site.

Follow the Guidelines

Make sure to follow the guest posting guidelines of the site. It was included to make the submission process easier. If you don’t follow the rules, it will convey a message to the site owner that you didn’t read the blog, that you are up for your benefit, and you didn’t do some research.

If the guidelines are not obvious, exert some effort first before sending an email to them. You can use the site’s search bar to look for the guidelines. But if you can’t find the guidelines, then you can send a short and friendly email asking about the guest post submission.