Logo styles: what are they and what should be considered when choosing one


Creating a logo is not an easy task for any company. It is necessary not only to think about the informational content of the logo, but also to choose the right font, and to take into account the tastes of the modern audience. The task is complicated by the fact that logos have a large number of styles. From the final choice will directly depend on the recognizability of the emblem. Quickly and easily find the right style for your logo with Turbologo online designer.

The main styles of the logo

There are several dozens of style solutions for logos. Among them, 5 styles particularly stand out. They are used by modern companies more often than others. Consider them in detail.


This style is characterized by:

laconicism of design;

the strict geometric lines;

restraint in every detail.

A striking example is the logos of Audi, MasterCard and Samsung. These are classic trademarks with verified forms and clear lettering. When creating logos in this style, developers do not use the half-shadows and bright effects, giving preference to everything traditional and proportional. That is why the classic logo is widespread among “serious” companies, whose activities are associated with construction, finance, medicine and the production of household appliances.


Logos made in this style are in high demand. They attract modern companies by simplicity, ease of design and accessibility of perception, which is especially important in the era of information overload. With the minimalist style logo can easily and clearly describe the organization and its activities.

For minimalism are characterized by the following features:

the use of only 2-3 colors;

the use of contrast;

simplicity of lines and shapes;

Minimal amount of information (often the logo only has the name of the company).


It also has a second name – retro style. Easily recognized by references to past times. Vintage is characterized by restrained forms and lack of bright colors. In most cases, logos are made in black and white or gray tones. They are used as a trademark for restaurants and bars in the retro style, as well as companies that produce classic cars, furniture and other products.

Futurism .

This style decision can be easily identified by the dark shades, neon glow and aligned lines. It is also characterized by a complete absence of bright effects. The futuristic style embodies creative ideas and fantastic ideas from the future. This style solution in the manufacture of logos is often chosen by IT-companies, firms producing household appliances and organizations involved in the scientific sphere.


This is the most daring style solution for creating a logo. It is often used by companies wishing to stand out from their competitors. Abstract style involves the use of:

intricate triangles;

creative images;

bright colors.

Letters can have different sizes and fonts. This approach always carries a certain semantic load. In this case, the audience remains the possibility to interpret the visual-associative series on their own.

How to choose a style logo

The following recommendations will help you choose the right style for your logo:

Take into account the field of activity. For example, if your company produces computers, choose futurism, if you specialize in selling classic furniture – vintage.

Study the tastes of consumers. It is important to note that today’s audience is quicker to remember the simple and concise logo. Accordingly, do not choose complex styles with lots of drawings and words.

Experiment with online logo designers. With their help, you can check how different style solutions will look like, and then choose the most simple and memorable one.


All logo styles have their own advantages and features. It is advisable to choose a suitable option taking into account the activity of the company, its mission and target audience. Online logo designers can help make the choice easier, with the help of which you can quickly select the best option.