Instagram is the place where you can share your special talents, promote your business or just have fun scrolling through the app and exploring new, interesting publications and people. This is the fastest growing social media and it became worldwide popular since its development in 2010. Instagram has something for everyone. No matter if you are an artist, blogger, writer, IT specialist or waitress, Instagram can offer an interesting content in all social aspects.

However Instagram is not only a social media for entertainment. You can also earn money from it by becoming an influencer or if you are a business owner you can promote your business and increase your sales and incomes many times by promoting your products or company on Instagram. In the next few lines we will see some ways that can help you to improve your business and to reach many more potential customers.

If you want to achieve your dream then you can take the help of social media along with the services and products. You can easily become an influencer: who is followed by thousands and millions of persons. The easiest way to get popularity is you have to buy real Instagram likes. Do not forget to answer your customers and visitors and also participate in different discussions with your competitors and other groups. More than that, automatic Instagram likes play a very supportive role to get more leads for the business. Fameoninsta is helpful to maintain a good level of your business after getting likes and followers

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  • The followers’ number. Most people think that the number of followers is the most important thing. Well, it is, but as important as the engagement percent of your followers. It is important to have many followers, but the main goal is the engagement percent between your content and how it is interacting with your followers. However if you have only few followers and you want to speed up the gaining process you can always buy followers on Instagram or buy likes from different companies that provide this type of services. This way your business will appear already established on Instagram. If you consider this step, just make sure your photo likes are at least 10% from the total number of your followers. That way your account will appear more professional to your audience.
  • Fascinating content. We already mentioned the most important thing for a successful marketing strategy in Instagram and it is the engagement percent. Well, the engagement percent depends mostly on the content you publish. It should be original, interesting and exciting, which will result in people coming back on your Instagram page to check you and that will increase the engagement percent. According to surveys a good engagement percent is between 9,10 %, so try to be around this percent
  • Instagram business account.  If you want to be able to check and be aware of your engagement percent, you should definitely set your Instagram account as a business one. By setting your page like this, you will be able to know not only the engagement percent, but many more helpful analytics and statistics about the followers you have, such as the location of your followers, their gender, age and many more.
  • Using Hashtags on your stories and posts is one of the best marketing tools that Instagram provides, because it gives the possibility to your profile to be more easily reached by people that are interested in your type of content. People have the option to search by Hashtags in the explore tab, and if you are using the latest and trendy Hashtags, many more people will reach your account for sure. Just make sure you are describing your picture with related Hashtags to it.
  • Shoppable post. Another great marketing tool that Instagram provides is the opportunity to sell your products, using shopable tool where you can post a publication with your product with a clickable connection and a price tag and your customers will be able to purchase directly through the publication.
  • Ask your followers questions. Instagram has another option where you can put a Poll on your story and ask your followers questions. For example if you are a fashion brand, you can ask your followers what your brand should launch next or whether they are satisfied with your production or you need to improve something – prices, quality, etc.This is one of the best methods to engage your audience and increase your engagement percent, because by answering your question the followers basically take actions that are connected directly to your Instagram account. It increases the activity of the followers and makes your brand more trusted by your customers.


In this article we manage to look through some of the best methods of increasing the engagement percent that you need to improve your business and incomes. However there many more we are going to mention in the next blog.