Some Courses For Those Who Like Social Media To Study In School


Are you one of those who love to be online, know everything that goes on the internet, and have a profile on various social networks? We’ll show you that maybe you don’t need to go offline to act professionally in this post. We list some courses at allegro media design that train qualified professionals to work with social networks in communication, commercial, and even, believe me, exact ones.


We started our list with communication courses. After all, if you love social media, you like to socialize and, therefore, communicate a lot, right? In the Journalism course, you will learn to produce content for various media, including social media, in the form of texts, images, videos, and audio.

In networks, journalists and other communication professionals can play the role of social media, responsible for updating a company’s social networks.

Public Relations

The role of the Public Relations professional is to maintain a company’s good image, promote actions and events, transmit values ​​to the target audience, create strategies and analyze results. Work very similar to a Social Media function. It’s the chance to deal with corporate social networks and public personalities.

Radio And TV

This course is for lovers of social networks who dream of being YouTubers or bloggers. Students learn to use their creativity and develop scripts to produce audiovisual content.


The universe of social media is very visual. If you love this aspect and have a talent for the arts, the Design course might be your best choice. The graphic designer can create graphic interfaces for digital media and work in advertising agencies.

Advertising And Marketing

Speaking of advertising, advertisers use social media to create campaigns, talk to the target audience and publicize events. They may work in advertising agencies or the corporate marketing sector.


The Marketing course is aimed at those with more affinity with the commercial area. Marketing professionals specialize in creating marketing strategies to increase sales. With the growth in the number of users on social networks, they are responsible for including brands and creating relationships with users.


Should fashion professionals be aware of new clothing trends, and where do these trends emerge and spread? On the internet, mainly on social networks. No wonder that in the Fashion course, students study content production for digital media.

Statistics And Engineering 

Do you love social media and have an affinity for numbers? Know that engineers, statisticians, and other professionals at allegro media design who collect and analyze data, such as engagement metrics and network reach, are precious to compose the marketing team of companies.