The Sharpest Point Of Your Lens


The sharpest point of your lens (or sweet spot) is the point where the work of the optics is optimal and where it responds best, reducing aberrations and providing a greater definition just in editing when making use of

Knowing the sharpest point of your lens will help you whatever your optics. Be this the wonderful king of the objectives (100% recommended) or the objective of the kit. It doesn’t matter how good or not so good, your goal is. The important thing is to know how to make the most of your possibilities.

Finding The Sweet Spot

The sweet spot or sharpest point of the lens is found in the intermediate diaphragm apertures, never at the ends. It is usually said to be found approximately, about two to three steps above your target’s maximum aperture. Don’t forget to make your photo look more attracting to the viewers by using

That is, if you have an aperture target off / 1.4, your target’s sweet spot may be approximately between f / 2.8 of / 4. Or, for example, if you have a slightly less luminous f / 4 type lens, the sweet spot of your lens will be around f / 8 of / 11.

Although this calculation is not an exact science and depends on each objective, the sweet spot can be known in a specific and real way through 3 ways:

Lens Specifications: Some specifications may be detailed, but it is unusual.

Through The Preview And The Digital Picture Pages:  you will be able to check if your objective in question has been reviewed. If so, you will see the sharpness analysis it offers.

Empirical Analysis: or what is the same, find out for yourself. For all those who do not find the sweet spot of their goal with the two previous options and who like to do things personally.