2 EPS to PSD converters for Windows


Today we bring 2 best EPS to PSD conversion tools for Windows. Using this free software, you can easily convert EPS format images i.e. Encapsulated PostScript to Adobe Photoshop Document (PSD). Besides PSD, you can convert EPS to PNG, PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, SVG and many other output formats.


XnConvert is free batch EPS to PSD conversion software for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is one of the simplest but effective converters that allows you to convert multiple EPS images to Adobe PSD format at the same time. Basically, it is a batch image converter that supports a variety of input and output formats, including EPS and PSD. Some other formats supported in this software include SVG, ICO, PNG, JPG, PDF, GIF, BMP, PS, FTS, EMF, etc.

Before converting EPS to PSD, you can even edit the input EPS images with the help of the editing options. The editing functions offered by this software include image transformation options (crop, rotate, mirror, resize), filters, watermark, equalize, add text, delete metadata, etc. It also allows you to preview the original and edited EPS images before starting the actual conversion.

Let’s see a neat procedure to convert EPS to PSD with it.

How to convert EPS to PSD using XnConvert:

First of all, go to your Input tab and import all the EPS images that you want to convert to PSD. You will be able to see the metadata of the input images in its interface such as creation date, print size, DPI, etc.

Second, if you want to edit the EPS images before conversion, go to your Actions tab and add as many edit actions on the input images as you like.

Lastly, from your Output tab, set the conversion format to PSD, provide the location of the output, set some output parameters, and then hit the Convert button.

You can view the status of the conversion and the log of the process on its Status tab.

Additional feature:

Provides a Hot Folder function that monitors the specified folders for added images and automatically converts them using the last used settings.


It is one of the best free EPS to PSD converters as it allows you to convert EPS to PSD in bulk. Also, you have other desirable features that are very useful.


Converseen is another free EPS to PSD conversion software for Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD. Not just one, it can convert EPS images to Adobe PSD format in bulk. Before converting from EPS to PSD, I provide you the flexibility to apply some basic edits to input images. For this, three modification options are obtained which are Scale image, Change resolution, and Rotate and Flip.

It supports many standard and rare graphic formats for image file conversions. To name a few, it supports formats like PNG, JPEG, EXR, GIF, DPX, TIFF, SVG, PDF, PS, CDR, AI, ICO, RAS, etc.

How to change multiple EPS images to PSD format using this free software:

Using its Add Images button, it imports the input EPS images for conversion and enables the “To Convert” field for all images.

Now, from the Actions Panel, you can preview an input EPS image and edit it using the provided options. Here, you also need to provide the output directory path to save the resulting PSD images.

Then select PSD as the Conversion Format and click the Convert button.

It renders quite fast so you will get all the output PSD images in a matter of seconds.


Converseen is a hassle-free batch image converter that you can use to quickly batch convert EPS to PSD.