Surefire Signs That You Need Cloud Computing


Cloud computing offers so many benefits that it can be difficult to pinpoint a single advantage that it will provide to business owners. For example, one of the key benefits relates to how it provides your company with greater competency so that you can keep up with the bigger rivals in your industry. Ask any managed IT services provider.

 If you are a startup, that’s a surefire sign that you may want to invest in the cloud. Because of the fewer internal processes and lesser infrastructure, it gives startups greater flexibility with the direction of their company as compared to their competitors.

Because the cloud has infinite computing power, you can handle large amounts of data, and the cloud has ubiquitous qualities that make it accessible from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an Internet connection. Building a strong IT future has also been another reason that companies have switched to the cloud. If you invest in $30,000 servers, you will be tied to making it happen.

Also, you have fewer opportunities for growth because you might be maxed out with this option. The managed cloud provider has excellent expansion capabilities that lets your IT grow with your business. Making faster decisions has never been easier because you no longer have to spend hours consolidating, managing and distributing your spreadsheets.

The Chief Advantages of Cloud Backup

According to a study from Spiceworks, data protection has continued to be an ongoing challenge facing small to medium-sized business owners. In the study, researchers discovered that 60 percent of small to medium-sized businesses prefer using direct-attached storage for backing up their company data. Another 56 percent have no intentions of migrating their backup to the cloud.

Considering a wrongly implemented data recovery solution can wreak havoc upon your working life, this is not something that you want to mess up on. According to a report from FEMA, almost 40 percent of small business owners who lose data from a disaster will never open their doors again.

What are the biggest advantages to using a cloud backup? First, it is more affordable for small business owners who do not have $30,000 to invest in new servers. For as little as a few hundred dollars every year, you can back up your data on the cloud. Using a cloud solution will also give you access at anytime from anywhere.

As long as you have access to Internet via the computer or smartphone, you can back up your files. One of the biggest excuses that companies give for not backing up their data boils down to time. They don’t have the time, but the cloud will back up your system automatically so that you can focus on the more essential aspects of your business.