Getting to Use the Top Software Solution for Great Results


As far as finding the right kind of storage, there are a lot of crucial factors to keep in mind in order to make a better and informed decision. The top kind of storage system is that which turns out to be easy, suitable, and reliable and offers for the best kind of support and assistance at a range of levels. Always go for the best file archiving solution that offers any kind of device the facility to act as a second tier storage.  Although one can find a plenty of storage options available online, only about a few of them turns out to be dependable and trustworthy when compared with all. MLtek Software is a top notch platform that offers for extensive range of technical support facilities at different levels. It is known to come with one of the top and most popular form of storage system called ArchiverFS which brings with it several years of experience and expertise in this field for the past several years.

The most dependable ArchiverFS 

ArchiverFS was first released in the year 2002 and it is known to have grown and expanded to a large extent over the years. It is now being used by a broad range of organizations across the world as it is known to be dependable, trustworthy and safe to use at many levels. It now comes across as a household name with a strong backing for the past several years. It comes with lot of important features and benefits to support various work. It offers for full support with regard to DFS, cloud, replication, compression, de-depulication and other such areas. 

It presents for some extra edge with regard to storing system as it enables one to make use of SAN, NAS and other such cloud platform as a form of storage for the old unstructured files used. If one share with that of UNC path network and format it with that of NTFS, it can be used as a second form of storage. The most excellent thing about the storage solution is that it does not make use of a database for the use of storing storage files, meta data, pointers and other such aspects. It is known to be totally pure form of NTFS from the start to the end.

Mltek’s top storage solution

MLtek Software offers for an extensive range of service and features for all of its products and it is quite popular when it comes to offering storage solutions for businesses. ArchiverFS knows what it is capable of offering to the customers. It does not claim to offer some sort of fake document management system and is ideal in its representation. The greatest thing about the system is that it provides for light weight yet extremely efficient form of storing solution for one and all. It puts forward for the perfect, competent and reliable solution with regard to old and out of date unstructured files in network shares. 

The major reason for the growth and popularity of ArchiverFS is its exclusive and reliable form of archiving solutions for various kinds of network files storage; Windows file servers, SMB shares and other such areas. Not like other forms of archiving products, it makes use of normal NTFS files and folders from the start to the end of the process which makes it unique options amongst many other storage solutions available in the marketplace. 

Efficient and cost effective option

ArchiverFS offers for distinctive kind of features and benefits that are highly cost effective as well as enormously scalable. It comes with lot of advantages and perks for one and all. It comes across as the most cost efficient way to archive old files and also make sures to migrate huge quantities of files over the network to that of second tier storage like that of NAS or SAN and the top part is that it requires only small foot print on that of the host system. It offers for the facility to migrate, store and also create end of life unstructured files from that of the storage system that too in a cost efficient manner. It also helps one to direct challenges like that of GDPR as well as data protection compliance to a great extent. 

Along with that of the latest and unique file archiving software, it uses that functionality that is known to be already present in the Windows Operating System. ArchiverFS does not need the installation of any kind of agents on the servers or workstations which makes use completely simple and manageable.

Migrate old files with ease using UNC Path

ArchiverFS offers for the provision to migrate old files from that of the UNC path to any other UNC path over the network by way of using extensive categories which includes age, type and size. The target used to move the old files can be a CIFS share, NAS device, iSCSI volume, cloud storage on Amazon AWS, Azure or Google Cloud or a VM. Make sure that you choose over the top storage solution with good features. The source and target volumes are formatted with NTFS and are then shared to the network with SMB which then goes onto direct content and also migrate between them. 

MLtek Software products are exceptional in every way and is rated as the top ever products that are reliable, safe and trustworthy to a great extent. It also upgrades the products that are available with it at regular intervals so that one can very well get the best kind of experience out of it on the whole. Make sure to check out the website from time to time to know about the latest and top notch range of products that are available in the market which are capable of bringing out the best outcome in any situation. ArchiverFS comes across as a unique, reliable and trustworthy archiving and storing solution that is totally clear as to what it has got to offer for one and all by providing for detailed specifications. You can download a copy to check it.