How to Find and Grow Your Amazon Sales Rank

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True. Your product’s Amazon sales rank is one of the most important factors when it comes to how your products are displayed on Amazon’s search pages. While your product’s ranking will affect its position in the search results, the big unknown here is whether or not those sales are really helping you grow a profitable business.

To sell more on Amazon and other marketplaces, you need to understand your true sales rank and how it affects your business. This article will help you pinpoint your product’s sales rank for Amazon and other marketplaces, understand how sales rank affects your business and learn how to improve and grow your product’s ranking over time.

What is Amazon Sales Rank?

amazon seller rank(also known as best sellers rank or BSR) is a numerical score representing an item’s popularity in both its overall category and respective subcategories.

What does that mean? Let’s look at Jenga’s performance. While Jenga scored position three in the overall category of Toys & Games, it earned the number one rank in Stacking Games.

Where to find your Amazon sales rank

With this level of visibility into performance, sellers can view performance on multiple levels.

Amazon sales rank can range from one to over a million, with lower scores indicating superior rank. The metric is calculated hourly using the number of recent sales, as well as historical sales in relation to other products in the same category.

Why Is Your Amazon Sales Rank Important?

If you want to increase sales on Amazon, it’s important to understand how Amazon Sales Rank works. But even more than that: you need to know how to improve your rank, and what you can do to increase sales of your products.

Amazon uses a best sellers rank, or BSR, to determine the popularity of items sold on the site. This is a good metric for determining how well your product is doing compared to others in its category. The lower the number, the better. Sales rank can be used to gauge how well you’re doing as compared to your competitors. It also gives you a way to track trends over time with your own products – and if you’re selling several products in the same niche, it gives you a way to compare their performance with each other.

You might think your Amazon sales rank doesn’t have much bearing on your present performance, as is based on past performance. However, there are four distinct reasons why you should care about your ranking.

Amazon Sales Rank Shows Trust

For Amazon sellers, having a low Amazon sales rank is vital to success on the e-commerce site. Since rankings are used to define product popularity within a specific genre, and comparatively with its competitors,

Amazon is the second largest search engine on the web, with millions of monthly users. 

Your sales rank is just as important for your brand awareness as it is for your actual sales.