Is It Worth Buying & Overpriced Hasselblad Camera?


If you are looking for top of the line digital camera then the first choice for many professional and non-professional photographers is Hasselblad’s 907X camera.

Hasselblad is a globally acclaimed and one of the oldest camera producers in the world. They are best known for using highly sophisticated components for developing a premium quality cameras. In fact all of their cameras are premium cameras and this is the reason why Hasselblad cameras are overpriced. But those who know the brand very well, the price doesn’t matter at all. 

Hasselblad’s 907X

One of Hasselblad’s newest mid-format camera, which is widely popular, is 907X. As with the most of the cameras produced Hasselblad, 907X too is a box shaped metal camera which weighs around 740-gram. Hasselblad claims that 907X is bar far the smallest camera the manufacturer has ever produced in its history. However, don’t be fooled by its small design as it does not come cheap. In fact, the price of this unique Hasselblad camera averages around US$ 6,500. 

Patience Is The Key

You could afford to be impatient while purchasing 907X, however, while using it, you have to show some patience for phenomenal results. First of all, a user will be required to do practice of taking some shots and get acquainted with its 50mp CMOS sensor. This sensor is capable of producing striking sharp photographs but the sensor needs some time to adjust. 

Holding the 907X in hand is also unorthodox. Generally cameras provide holding grip at battery place which makes easy for handling the camera. But the design of 907X is different from others and at the grip area there is no battery space. So again a user’s patience will be checked which can be achieved through practice and training. Alternatively, the user can spend around US$ 800 more for acquiring an adjustable and removable grip for handling 907X in the usual way. 

Simplest Digital Menu

You can hardly find any camera with a simple menu. To the contrary, the digital menus of cameras are highly complex and not easy to understand at least by a newbie. A great deal of time and dedication are spent on understanding few basic features of a camera comprised in the menu. However, 907X’s digital menu is the easiest menu and even a newbie user can understand most of the functions quite easily. Most of the functions in 907X are done digitally but there are a total of 5 buttons existing on the camera. 

Photography At Its Best

As per the majority of the users of 907X, the camera is simply ‘magic’. First of all, 907X is capable of capturing the most authentic natural shots. It has a sensor of 50mp CMOS capable of capturing pixels quality of 8272 x 6200. With this camera, the user can capture pictures in two primary file formats namely JPEG and 3FR Raw. 

Bottom Line

The color science and color combinations in the shots taken from Hasselblad’s 907X are extraordinarily astonishing. Although in this price range of US$ 6500 you can get highly advanced digital cameras of other companies, yet owning a Hasselblad is in itself a privilege. It is worth buying this extra-sharp digital camera not only because you have the funds but also because you have patience.