SEO Strategy To Help Small Businesses Gain Visibility


SEO is crucial for small businesses to generate traffic from organic search results. Website optimization empowers your website to gain top ranking on SERPs. You gain a competitive edge and drive more traffic. It means your well-optimized website generates quality leads, engages, makes sales, and creates a customer base.

If you ignore optimization then your competitors may show on top of SERPs and you lose selling opportunities. Besides, your audience will not even know you exist. You can take help from an experienced SEO Agency Los Angeles because they are affordable.

SEO strategy to make your small business gain visibility

Keyword research

You need to find the right word seekers use to find your product or services. The right terms are called keywords that you will use in the page title, URLs, Meta descriptions, and even in the page content. Use the Keyword research tool available online for free [Keyword Planner].

Build logical site structure

Create a Google-friendly website structure using –

  • Schema markup – It is a code to add to your website for offering more details and high ranking.
  • Structured data – It is a way to organize as well as tag text your site. Crawlers understand the context of page content.

The logical structure even means internal links that help in site navigation.

On-page SEO

On-page optimization includes elements that help Google bots know what is on your site.

  • Meta tags
  • Image alt text

Link building

Link building is all about building authority in SERPs. For this, you will need to gain backlinks from high-domain sites belonging to your niche. Google trusts authoritative sites with high domain ratings. This will also help to build audience trust if your link is available on high-domain sites. To gain backlinks –

  • Add your business to relevant directory listings like Linkedln.
  • Submit to local listings like Google My Business, Facebook Pages, Apple Maps, etc.
  • Add links on social media profiles.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO ensures that your site runs smoothly and is easily navigable. Some major elements to consider are –

  • Add a secure socket layer [SSL] to indicate to Google that your site is safe to browse.
  • Compress large files and images for page speed optimization.
  • The site has a logical structure and clear coding for Google bots to navigate across the site and identify the context.
  • Use responsive design for the best user experience on mobile, laptop, desktop, and tablet.

Write good copy

Even if your business is small you can write less but ensure all copy on the site includes the primary keyword. It helps search engines to identify the relevance to search queries while ranking on search results.

Regularly monitor SEO efforts

Monitoring your website continuously is a part of overall SEO efforts. Run SEO audits now and then to check every element mentioned above to find out if there is a need to fix it.

SEO helps your small business appear in the same SERPs as your niche competitors. A well-optimized website can give you an edge and attract qualified leads that are prepared to buy your brand.