The Benefits Of Text Message Archiving Software In Business


We can all agree text messaging remains an invaluable tool in modern business communications due to its ease of use and cost-efficiency. Companies enjoy the multiple benefits offered by SMS messaging, but they might forget the specific risks posed by a lack of proper security and text message archiving. If you’re not careful with keeping precise records, you might face regulatory compliance violations and a tarnished company image.

Companies are increasingly turning to third-party agencies to provide a reliable text message archiver. Archiving software is helpful in efficiently documentingcompany-sent texts since most messaging platforms require manual recording. If your companyis still manually taking screenshots or copy-pasting texts, here are the advantages of using text message archivers.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

The top reason companies use archivers is efficient compliance with theregulations established by organizations like FINRA and SEC. These organizations are strict with their rules on business communications, so it helps to have an archiver to keep track of messages in case they probe your company.

A Source of Truth

SMS messages captured and stored in a strong archiving solution cannot be tampered with or manipulated. They are permanent copies and can be used as crucial evidence in the event of fraud, court cases, or auditing investigations.

Easier Documentation

Some businesses do not use third-party archiving solutions to help them record the messages they send and receive daily, which could lead to incomplete archives. Manual screenshotting becomes a hassle when dealing with hundreds or thousands of SMS messages if you have a relatively large company. The texts are quickly captured and uploaded to the database with an archiver.

Prevent Leaks from Happening

Often, your employees may not be diligent in what they type in their messages. Specific keywords could potentially leak critical information from your company to the public. Some text archiving software is equipped with monitoring functions to alert you and your staff if it detects specific phrases or keywords.

Streamline Marketing Campaigns

Text message archives are packed with valuable insights into how you can improve your marketing strategies to suit your customer’s needs and demands better. Your marketing team can access these archives to analyze how recipients reacted to the message, if they expressed concern or appreciation, or if they received your text campaigns.

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