What are surveys used for?


In what cases, in addition to obtaining the personal data of the client, is it worth using this option for collecting the information? Often, online surveys are formed in such a way as to solve several problems at once. A good survey builder collects additional personal information about customers and finds out their opinion on topics of interest to the marketer.

Brand or product promotion

When it is important for a company to know the attitude of customers towards it or the specific goods/services that it offers. For example, you can find out what associations a brand evokes, what characteristics consumers describe it, whether they trust the quality, etc. Knowing how to create a survey also helps to understand the potential demand of customers for a service or product that has not yet been introduced. 

People are asked whether it is important for them to get the opportunity to use such a novelty, what nuances in the product are important, how much they are willing to pay for it, etc. First-hand information makes it clear how effectively a company is promoting a particular product or service in the market. For example, consumer marketing surveys are organized to find out if advertising helps in popularizing a product, or when you need to test several options for advertising materials and choose the best one from them.

Exploring NPS across channels

Newsletters are used to collect NPS (Net Promoter Score) scores. Various channels of communication cope with this task. Email is convenient because it has a place to turn around and explain in detail why a person spends his time evaluating something. If desired, there are all the tools to make the letter beautiful and eye-catching by adding a background and an image. In addition, marketers often choose this channel for collecting reviews, as it is the most inexpensive.