What’s Off-page SEO And What Are Its Benefits?


Off-page SEO includes all the optimization activities that take outside the website. It is not just link building but more. There are strategies like social media, local SEO, content marketing, directory listings, influencer marketing, brand building, guest posting, podcasts, and more. It helps to grow your website’s organic search traffic. Off-page SEO does not involve making changes within your website but contributes to top ranking from authoritative, relevant, and reliable domains.

If you are unable to buy full SEO services from a Digital Marketing 1-on-1 firm then choose packages that fulfill your needs. You can buy SEO services like an off-page or on-page SEO package.

How off-page optimization works?

Many factors are considered while ranking a specific web page or site. Ranking via content is hard and this is where link-building [off-page] plays a crucial role. It gives a vote that your webpage or website is useful, relevant, and credible. Links are built from multiple sources.

Off-page, SEO allows building brand name and domain authority. If ignored, your site will rank low. Besides links, there are many other off-page signals applied to rank a webpage.

Important off-page SEO factors

  • Domain authority – It is a metric to measure website performance. Domain authority or DA represents website quality. If backlinks lead from a high DA website to low DA via a do-follow link then the latter gains a better page rank and also gets to the top on result pages.
  • Relevance – Getting backlinks from high DA is important, but the relevancy of the domain is also crucial. Google penalizes a site if it gets irrelevant backlinks.
  • Site traffic – Traffic driven to your site from off-page activities like blogging, forum posting, directory listing, etc. also matters.
  • Link-type – Keep check of the link types [do-follow & no-follow] you gain from off-page or link-building activities.

Two types of links are –

  • Do follow links – Do-follow link is by default. It allows Google bots to pass link juice to a webpage it is linked to.
  • No follow links – In no-follow links, the bots don’t pass any value or juice to the page linked to. No-follow links don’t influence the ranking. They were introduced to prevent web spamming.

Benefits of Off-page optimization

A reliable and solid off-page optimization strategy can help you in many ways.

High SERPs

Use relevant and target keywords to enhance your rankings on search engines. More visibility means more prospects will engage with your brand. More traffic to your website will ultimately convert into sales opportunities.

More domain referrals

While ranking, search bots look for referring domains your website receives. It means if the referral domains are high, your website will be deemed reliable and trustworthy. It will eventually help to generate more leads and prospects. You will gain traffic not just from organic searches, but from other authoritative blogs and platforms.

Enhanced exposure

When you link your website to high authority domains you increase your reach. By sharing helpful content you get recognized as a niche expert. You become the go-to brand, when people need and thus your sales increase. It means gaining wide exposure, you expand your reach to new audiences and thus enhance your business growth.