Amazon FBA Vs Amazon FBM: Which is best?



Are you confused between the FBA and the FBM? Do you want to choose the best alternative for your Amazon business? Reading the pros and cons of the amazon FBA and the amazon FBM is the easy way to make your best decision. When you begin your selling business on Amazon, then there are the top two alternatives available on Amazon to sell the products. Both the Amazon fulfillment methods come with their own benefits and drawbacks. Let us now compare the benefits and the drawbacks under the FBM Vs FBA and choose the best one.

  • Amazon FBM: benefits and drawbacks

While selling the products on the Amazon FBM, only you are responsible for the whole fulfillment process. There are many benefits of using the Amazon FBM that are based upon the way of selling and personality of the Amazon Seller. 

FBM benefits

  • You easily control the inventory under the fulfillment process, and it means that you easily lower the costs or make changes in the stock when facing some mishaps. It also makes you capable of finding good deals. 
  • You only need to pay the lower fees for starting the amazon selling business.
  • If you want to sell your products in more than one place, then it is also possible and easier to stock the products and tracks the inventory under the same fulfillment methods.

FBM drawbacks

  • You are unable to access Amazon prime by using the Amazon FBM.
  • The presence of the shipping costs is the major drawback of the amazon FBM. 
  • Sometimes, it takes a long delivery time, and the customer is not happy with your fulfillment services. 


  1. Amazon FBA: Benefits and the Drawbacks

This Amazon fulfillment method is used when you want to arrange the products to move towards the Amazon fulfillment centre and the staff. From storing the stock and delivering it to the customer at the right time, all work is handled by the amazon FBA. 

FBA benefits

  • The major benefit of using the Amazon FBA is that it also offers prime eligible for buyers and sellers.
  • By using the Amazon FBA, you can easily compete for the purchasing box
  • There is no need to worry about how to store the items, how to organize the items, how to pack and deliver them to the customers
  • Returns services and customer services are easily handled by the Amazon FBA

FBA cons

  • You have to pay the coverage fees for the storage, shipping, and packaging that become big issues if you want to sell heavy, big, and slow-moving products.
  • You are not able to properly control the inventory system by using the Amazon FBA. 


It is concluded that the Amazon FBM is best suitable for those sellers who are planning to deal with slow-moving items, customized, personalized, and shipped in large boxes. On the other hand, FBA is considered the top choice for those sellers who list small, light, and fast-moving items.