How a Brand Ambassador Can Skyrocket Your E-Commerce Sales


Brand ambassadors love your products and want their friends to enjoy them too. They create authentic content, unlike commercially-created marketing.

They are a powerful testimonial for your company; customers trust personal endorsements over any other type of advertising. Ideal brand ambassadors have medium-large sized audiences and embody your buyer persona.

Increased Traffic

Brand ambassadors often have solid online reputations and a large following. They can promote your products through blog posts, status updates, and tweets to their followers. In addition, they can direct traffic toward your website and company profiles.

Influencers and influencer marketing, such as platforms like provides, have become increasingly popular, especially in e-commerce. A well-planned and executed influencer program can generate steady new traffic, leads, sales, and other key business metrics.

Brand ambassadors with a loyal and results-driven mindset are the best choice for your brand. You can reward them for accomplishing specific missions in your program, such as pushing discount codes or tracking links. If you want to track the effectiveness of your ambassador strategy, consider using software such as Refersion to manage and monitor your community.

Increased Conversions

If your brand ambassadors are passionate about your products, this will translate into their content and relationships with their audience. This leads to increased traffic and sales.

Personal testimonials are the most trusted by consumers. If someone they know loves your product, it holds much more weight than a celebrity endorsement.

A great way to tap into these potential customers is by converting existing customers into brand ambassadors. Online female clothing retailer Rebellious Fashion asks followers to tag three friends to enter a competition to win a free item.

Another way to get ambassadors to promote your products is by providing them with trackable links to earn commission on sales generated through their promotion efforts.

Increased Loyalty

A brand ambassador genuinely loves your business so much that they publicize it for free. Wooing loyal customers to be your brand ambassadors should be integral to your customer success journey.

Research shows that people are more likely to trust recommendations from their loved ones than those made by celebrities or paid social media influencers. When a loyal customer promotes your product or service to their authentic audience, it carries a certain level of credibility that translates into increased sales.

Harnessing ambassadors to generate revenue is possible only if you have the right tools.

Increased Brand Awareness

Brand ambassadors are a great way to build brand awareness because they provide real, authentic testimonies of your product. These testimonials have more impact on potential customers than an ad featuring a celebrity or a paid endorsement from your CEO.

Social media is a powerful tool for finding loyal and result-driven brand ambassadors. However, don’t overlook searching in your existing customer database for champions who love your brand. You can do this by using user-generated content, examining hashtags related to your brand, and looking for participants in your loyalty programs.

Once you find these superfans, reward them for their hard work.

Increased Sales

An ambassador program allows brands to generate revenue in a few ways. The most common way is by giving ambassadors unique links that they can share with their followers to earn commission on each sale. Brands can also curate exclusive Missions for their top-performing ambassadors to increase sales even more. Additionally, a feature of our platform called Code Drops allows brands to drop discounts for their entire ambassador community for 24 hours, which drives major revenue without having to put a sale on their webshop.

Finding potential brand ambassadors can be difficult, but the best candidates are happy, engaged customers who use and love your products or services. In addition, your employees can be great brand ambassadors if you give them the right incentives.