Benefits of Local Business Directory Listing for SEO


It’s no secret that local business directory listing plays a big role in SEO. It is an excellent off-page strategy that will improve your search results with most search engines.

But how?

The role of search engines is to index websites and online platforms that cover relevant information about your websites or business. If you feature in more business listing directory, search engines will use the data to rank your site high in SERPs. The same thing happens when you register with Bizify, Yelp, and other local business directories. Here are the benefits of local business listings.

Improve Online Presence

If you are listed in multiple business directories you increase the chances of clients finding and reaching out to you. Most importantly, you increase your online presence because users like to search listings often. When listing your business in the directory, make sure the keywords are well optimized. That way when a user searches, it shows up quickly.

Boost Brand Awareness and Reach

When a user searches a directory, results appear in a quick snapshot of businesses related to the keyword used. When more and more people come across your listing, it boosts your brand awareness and possible future engagement. What if they don’t choose your listing? Well, they will put you in their minds. Next time, they may decide to give it a try.

Boost local search

If you cater to the local community, you need to incorporate local directories as part of your marketing strategy. That’s because your listing searched locally. When your business is in multiple locations, you can create separate listings optimized to each location. Doing that alone will boost your local searchers in different locations.

Receive reviews and feedbacks from clients

Most business directories have customer review sections. Customers usually publish their experience or post photos about how a particular business helped them fulfil their goal. This improves SEO and search algorithms since search engines want to rank high-quality business. Before a customer decides to buy anything from you, they will first check the feedback from other customers. That said, make sure to persuade satisfied customers to leave a positive review of your business. 

What if you get a negative review? You can always turn it around as an online reputation solution. Respond to the negative review, be courteous, and take the chance to improve your product or services.

Enhance reputation

When you place your business out there in the directory, you become a respectable business figure. That happens whether you are a small or big business. When you appear in directory customers will see professionalism in you. The fact that you appear on the first page using the best SEO practices, customers will trust you.


Local search engine optimization requires a targeted approach which is different from the general SEO. Brick and mortar businesses who want to win the SEO race must make sure to check all local listing optimization including directory listing. Perhaps the one question you need to ask yourself is, if a customers search for a particular product or services, will your business show up?