How Can Dell Poweredge R840 Help Your Business?


With the advancement in technologies, the servers are effortlessly able to handle a large amount of data and with easy processing in no time. The advanced server with an impressive processor, enormous memory, and high performance is the Dell PowerEdge R840. The best thing about the Dell product servers is that they are scalable to meet every organization’s need. No matter how big or small your organization is, Dell has the product made right for you. You can use Dell’s product for your business with smart integrations to help your customers with the best experience. Let us look at some of the key highlights that make this product the best in the market:

Support Flexibility And Agility In Your Business:

With the option of being highly scalable, you get the best storage of 128 GB of RAM, 384GB of NVDIMM, and 48 active memory modules with the support of a quad-processor that makes him the best suitable with high-density. And you can scale up or down depending on your business requirements with easy and innovative management tools. Data transfer is made easy and speedy with the full integration path across all four sockets. Also, you get the three-year and any mission-critical support for 24*7 hrs.

Unified Security:

At such a price, the Dell PowerEdge R840 has to offer the security feature to protect your business and the infrastructure at a low price. With the intelligent automation system and building of the next-generation technologies and cutting down the future expense by saving the energy for the operational stuff, you can quickly increase the productivity in your business and outshine your performance in your budget. Each part of the system has got built-in in consideration of the new security threats and to ensure that it delivers to the customer securely. It also saves data by cryptography methodology and secure boot. Server lockdown can happen when the smart system realizes any unauthorized or malicious activity.

Automate Daily Task:

With Dell EMC OpenManage, you can deliver your customer efficient results by automating the task that happens in routine. Automation allows your time to focus on the critical and higher-value projects. You also get access to your servers’ right from your smartphones and tablets by QuickSync2. And not only this, but you also get to integrate the existing connections with your new server and configure it easily by following a few simple steps with OpenManage Enterprise.