5 Ways to Find Out Whether A CCTV Camera Is On


As we try to use technology to make life safer for ourselves, there are others who are continuously trying to breach the security. As we create passwords, hackers come up with a backdoor password to counter them. Similar security breaches are also possible with security cameras, which can be prevented by using surveillance systems equipped with advanced protection that has not yet been accessed by hackers.

If you feel that someone might be attempting to break into your secured areas by disabling the cameras, you can perform the following checks to know whether the camera is active or not:

  1. Watch Out for Movement of Your Camera

If you have installed a pan-tilt camera, it is characterised by continuous rotation and a buzzing sound. If you can observe these in your camera, rest assured it is on.

  1. Check the LEDs in an Infrared-Enabled Camera

If the LED lights of the camera are on in the dark, the camera is on. These lights will not be seen when there is light and you can create a dark environment by blocking the light sources around the camera to check the lights.

  1. Check for Live Footage Using the Camera Software

Log in to the camera software and check if you can see the live footage of the area where the camera is installed. This is the simplest and the most accurate way of checking if the camera is working. If you cannot see the live footage, check for a cable or a camera issue before panicking.

  1. Check the Power Indicator

Some cameras are equipped with a status LED, which indicates whether or not the camera is working. If the light is on, you can say that the camera is connected to Wi-Fi and is working properly.

  1. Take the Help of Electronic Bug Detectors

These can prove useful to check if you are in a place with hidden cameras, especially in places where privacy can be threatened.

CCTV security cameras, in a working state, produce a balanced signal i.e. a signal that has been altered for transmission purpose through a medium other than the regular coaxial cable. IP security camera systems transmit higher energy radiation, thus enabling you to use the electronic bugs to know the status of such cameras.

These methods can help you check your camera as well as cameras surrounding you. You are hence equipped to know when you are being watched.