A Guide About Online Gambling for Beginners


Gambling. This activity started centuries ago, before written history, and it continues to this very day. Now, you would not have to go to a land-based casino to place a bet. You could do it right from the comfort of your home. All you need to have a stable internet connection and a login so you could sign up at an online casino website in Malaysia.

This way of gambling only became possible when the internet emerged. It surged more when the pandemic came to exist last year. According to a joint study of Australian Credit Bureau Illion and analytics firm AlphaBeta, there is a 67% increase in online gambling. This figure happens in the first week of April 2020 alone. No wonder why traditional casino gambling is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Of course, only in some parts of the world.

Nevertheless, people gamble for a reason. Well, not just one, but there are several reasons why people love to gamble in their leisure time. Find out below which one you is yours.

  • To win big.
  • To cure your boredom.
  • To feel the adrenaline rush.
  • To relieve stress.

Whichever reason you may have, make sure you play responsibility once you start gambling online in Malaysia. Keep reading to find out what you need to know (and do) once you begin to gamble online.

What Are the Gambling Activities You Can and Can’t Beat?

Without a doubt, gambling online is fun—that is, if you win most of the time. However, that is not always the case. There are times you would lose because there are games you can’t beat under normal circumstances. Fret not, since there are still games you could win if you outwit the other players playing with you.

Read on to get enlightened about which gambling activities you can and can’t beat at an online casino website in Malaysia.

What You Can Beat

  • Poker 
    • It is one of the most popular and available games you can play at most online casinos. The reason behind this is that poker is easy to learn but hard to master.

For you to win in poker, you have to learn a few things. One is to know the rules, and the other is to develop how to read the cards of other players. If you grasped these both, it would be easier for you to fold, bluff, and even call someone else’s scheme.

  • Sports Betting
    • On the other hand, sports betting is different from poker. The way this game makes money is to charge some on losing bets. If you figure out that without betting so much, you could become a long-term winner. That is why you need to learn the rules of the game first and read how it flows.

What You Can’t Beat

  • Slot
    • Playing a slot game online in Malaysiamay be the easiest way to gamble, but winning is not easy. As you already know, this game requires a unique combination of symbols to get the jackpot prize.

The odds for you to win that is 1/1000. Quite a meagre chance, right? However, some combinations allow you to win small prizes. So, try to remember those combinations of symbols instead of the jackpot one.

  • Roulette
    • Similar to a slot, this game at an online casino is also a game of chance. That means you need lots of luck to win the game. You have to choose the right colour where the little white ball will fall after a spin. Your choices are either red or black and even or odd numbers.

In summary, online gambling is not all about luck. You also have to use your wit to win the game. That is why when you gamble, never nonchalantly place a bet. Think things thoroughly if what you are betting has a chance of winning.

Beginners’ Top Questions About Online Gambling, Answered.

Even though online gambling is fun and enjoyable to some, others feel overwhelmed and perplexed about it. They feel uneasy as they keep thinking about their safety. That is why they often wonder whether they should try online gambling or not. You would find the answer to this inquiry and the rest of the frequently asked questions below.

Question #1: Is it safe to play at an online casino in Malaysia?

Yes, but it depends on which online casino website in Malaysia you are playing. As you have guessed, there are fraudulent sites that scam people and steal money.

To guarantee that the platform you are betting on is safe, read its terms and conditions, privacy policies, and check out if the site has SSL encryption. Also, do not forget to read the players review both on Google My Business and Facebook. Doing so would help you know what things players had experience playing at their site.

Question #2: Are online casinos in Malaysia fair?

With thousands of online casinos available on the internet, each is quite competitive with one another. As much as possible, they offer the highest quality game with a great payout. They also hire accountants to manage those winnings so players could get it on time.

In conclusion, online casinos are fair and square when serving their players.

Question #3: Can I win money by gambling online?

You can, but the chance of winning a large amount of money is unlikely. Before that could happen, you could lose a lot of your bets. The only way to prevent yourself from losses is to know which gameplay to use on each game.

Nonetheless, the winning amount you would get from online gambling is not enough for a living, so try not to make it your income.

Question #4: How do I receive my winnings?

There are several ways to receive your winnings, and each online casino website has its specifics. Below are the usual options you could choose.

  • Cheque
  • Cheque through courier
  • Wire transfer

However, if your winnings are too small to convert into cash, consider using them to avail promotions from the online casino. Doing so improves your chances of winning later on.

At this point, you now have a clear understanding of what you need to do when playing at an online casino website in Malaysia. Make sure you keep the answer to these questions in mind, so you would know what to do later.

How to Stay Safe When You Start Gambling Online?

Life is all about learning from your mistakes, so as they say. That is how you would mature and make the right decision later on. However, when it comes toonline gambling, mistakes could cause you money. It could make your bank account empty if you do not gamble responsibly.

Of course, no one is perfect, and not making mistakes is highly unlikely not to happen. That is why it is necessary to learn some things before doing something. Knowing a few would give you an idea of what to avoid and do once you start online gambling in Malaysia.So, keep the following in mind.

Betting Mistakes You Should Avoid

  • Too emotional to bet.

As you already know, emotions are hard to control if you feel more emotional than usual. Not only it clouds your mind to think, but there is a tendency that what you thought of is wrong. As a result, you would lose a lot of money.

Of course, you would not want that. So, try not to be sentimental since it would not help you make the right betting decisions.

  • You have no bankroll management.

A responsible bettor knows how to manage their money. They understand what to do before they start playing a slot at an online casino in Malaysia.

To become one,  set a budget on how much money you would want to spend or bet on that day. Later, you would notice the sole purpose of this is to prevent you from dipping into your savings.

  • You keep on chasing losses.

This habit is big-NO-NO. Doing so would only make you lose a lot of money, and you might use up all of your savings, which is unfortunate if that happens. So, if you think you lose more than once, try gambling some other day again. Do not push your luck if it is not working at all.

  • To bet while you are drunk.

Isn’t this obvious? Yes, but it is worth mentioning since some others are doing this. As a result, they wake up in the morning, wondering what happens to their savings.  So, try not to pull off this recipe of disaster and only gamble when you are sober.

  • Gambling even if you have no idea about the game.

Since you are betting a hefty amount of money, you should improve your chances of winning. Smart bettors would know how to prepare themselves if they want to play a new game. Besides reading the rules of the game, they would also read the reviews from other players. Do what a clever bettor does. Otherwise, you would suffer from a lot of losses.

Tips for You to Have a Safe Gambling Experience

  • Stop when the fun stops.

As mentioned before, gambling is fun to do if you win most of the time. However, a streak can be at stake if you become greedy about your winnings. Chasing your losses is one thing when you should stop gambling and choose to gamble some other day.

  • Never gamble other’s money.

Some people do this as they think they could win back what they have borrowed, but the chances of winning again after several losses are slim. As a result, you would end up in debt, and the more you do this, the more you would not be able to pay back what you borrowed.

So, as much as possible, only gamble your hard-earned money, and do not be tempted to borrow other’s

  • Create a separate email.

Of course! That way, you could see what promotions are available from the online casino platform. You would easily view what to use when you gamble later on. Additionally, you would be able to protect yourself from hackers since they could not go through your primary email.

Just make sure you use an email address and password that is not so related to you.  Avoid using a password like 123456 or qwerty. If you do so, the chance of getting hacked is high.

  • Use a different bank account.

Similar to email, having a separate bank account would allow you to see what is going on. You would be able to grasp how much winnings went to your bank account and how much money you withdrew and waged each day you went gambling online.

  • Record everything.

You have to so you know what you should improve and remove in your gameplay. As a result, your chances of winning increases and your losses reduce. So, keep a journal whenever playing at an online gambling website in Malaysia.

Doing all of these at once may not be easy, but you will get used to it as time passes. To prevent you from forgetting what to avoid and do when it comes to online gambling, consider bookmarking this article. That way, you could read as much later on.

Bottom Line

No matter how fun and exciting online gambling in Malaysiais, learn to gamble responsibly. Do not try to make the game of chance more than a pastime.

Remember, playing a slot at an online casino in Malaysia would not help you earn enough income to cover your daily expenses. It is only enough to make you happy once in a while. So, watch out yourself from betting too high for more than what the game is worth.

In any case, you have not signed up at any online casino website in Malaysia, check out GamingSafe. They only featured reputable online gambling platforms you could trust. Visit their website today and find out which site you should play at first.

If this article helped you learn a few things about online gambling in Malaysia, share it with your family and friends. You never know they might learn how to gamble responsibly after reading this.