AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) Is The Classic Marketing Formula 


To give your business a prominent online presence, you need to use the digital platform judiciously. Video animation has emerged as a powerful digital tool that facilitates effortless communication with an online audience. Animation is mostly related to cartoon movies, but the technology has developed that nowadays used in website video and corporate communication. Contemporary societies have the short attention span and unwilling to focus for too long if there is an option. The visitor’s initial ten to thirty seconds decide if the user will stay or leave the web page. Within those seconds, you have to convey the message effectively.

Animation videos communicate across the board.

Website development services develop fascinating animations to grab and hold the customer`s attention. Animation absorbs both child and adult, and they like to consume the content which is different from regular variant. AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) is the classic marketing formula, and animation initiates the first. To make an impressive impression, you only have a few seconds, and animation is a great storytelling art to uphold the customer`s attention. According to Forester Research, a minute of video animation is worth to astounding 1.8 million words. Thus, the animation is a pathway through which corporations can sell their key selling points to the online audience.

Perhaps the best part of animation videos is communicating across the board; anyone from any social sphere understands what the company wants to convey. To promote an intricate product or idea, the animation is the easiest way of communication. Animation expresses a thought in a comprehensive visual fashion. Any complex idea or concept can be expressed seamlessly understood by rich and poor, educated or illiterate. The audience easily digests the information and concept.

Animation activates both sides of the brain.

Animations have a high impact on the audience, as the content is engrossing and fun. Animation can express out of the box concept or idea, breaking the strict realms of the corporate world without offending the feeling of anyone, and it remains within the typical advertising budget. The regular inert business messages become vivid and engrossing with a touch of animation. It is a more lively way to express the core essence of an organization. An online audience of animation video retains 58% more information than listless pictures in black and white print. This is because animation activates both sides of the brain. The right part of the brain like animation as it invokes emotion and feeling. The left part of the brain visualizes the thoughts, which words alone cannot conduct.

Nowadays, consumers watch online video content on a daily basis. Almost one-third of online activity revolves around video. So it becomes more important to keep the audience engaged with interesting, informative video animation. Moreover, just like people, search engines also love animated videos. Therefore, inducing animated videos on your business web page is an excellent way to inch up your SEO and increase your visibility and searchability. The more you rank higher on Google searches more the website attract organic traffic.