All That You Need to Know About Hacking of Home Security System


Nowadays, it is just not enough to ensure complete security of your home by a modern security system. Besides common burglars, there can also be plenty of hackers who can breach your home security.

These hackers may not do any physical harm to you, but they can steal your personal data, finance and also your identity.

Various types of hackers for security systems

Hackers are generally not any roadside burglars but they are software whizz who can break into your computer network and steal your data. Following are few types of hackers according to US government cybersecurity.

  1. Phreaker

These types of hackers generally connect to your phone network and use it without paying any service charges.

  1. Script kiddie

These hackers can break into your computer and download certain software and use it as their hacking tools.

  1. Hacktivist

These hackers are usually politically motivated and hacking for political reasons.

  1. Black hat

These are very serious kinds of hackers and very knowledgeable about computer networks, operating system and programming and steal data about big companies and also from credit/debit cards.

  1. White hat

They protect against black hat and are usually an ethical hacker.

  1. Grey hat

These hat hackers too operate like black hat hacker and penetrate into network of the clients. They will expose the vulnerability and will fix the issues by taking payment.

How can you improve your security system of home?

You need to make little investment to improve your present home security system. Usually old system can be more vulnerable to various attacks.

If the new system is out of your budget then try to keep all your existing protection system fully updated.

In case, you are buying a security system then avoid buying system that is relying on your landline network. Landline networks are wired system which can be easily cut to disable them. they also cannot be hooked up with latest smart systems.

Any broadband connection or cellular system can be a better option and they are not only reliable but also works very fast.

You must change its password as soon as you can get an access to the system. Try to use a complicated password which must be combination of small and big cases of letters, numerical and special characters.

Avoid using your name of birthdays as your password which can be easily guessed by people.

Make sure that no parts are malfunctioning and dust does not settle on the sensors.