Amazon Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2021


The globally leading e-commerce platform Amazon has now become the most famous go-to-online store in the world. Amazon is the global leader in the business of e-commerce, as it has evolved with hundreds of thousands of customers in the back of it. 

Every e-commerce business that has come up in these past years have been trying their best to outperform sales on Amazon. These days sellers are taking the help of an agency or an Amazon marketing company to use strategies which can drive better revenue from Amazon. 

Interesting Amazon Statistics to Know in 2021

Keeping up with the marketing strategies is going to help you to improve your store and management of the store above the plate always. As a seller, you should be aware of the statistical data that goes about related to Amazon marketing. If you have partnered with an Amazon marketing company, you should take part in analyzing data and statistics with them.

Amazon Marketing Statistics in 2021

Listed below in this article are the latest and the most required Amazon’s marketing statistics of 2021, which can help you improve your marketing campaigns with better data and facts. You or your Amazon marketing company can use these stats to optimize your Amazon marketing campaigns. 

  • In September 2020, Amazon had more than 2.44 billion overall mobile and desktop visits, according to Statista.
  • As per Similarweb, more than 60 % of users landing on Amazon go directly on the platform to buy something.
  • As listed in Forbes, it is plausible that 89 % of its consumers buy from Amazon than on any other platform.
  • Amazon had a revenue of 125.6 billion in its fourth quarter of 2020 where almost 66 % of its consumers start with their search from Amazon itself as per Feedvisor

Consumer-related Amazon Marketing Stats in 2021

Data is essential to know your customer for optimizing your campaigns. When you partner with an Amazon marketing company, they also refer to certain decisions. Some consumer-centric stats are listed below:

  • As per Feedvisor 85 % of its consumers are between the age groups of 18 and 24 and are more likely to buy than its target audience of 50 years or more.
  • Statista shows that almost 80 % of the users of Amazon find the free shipping and fast shipping speed to be most appealing for shopping on this platform.
  • An estimated of over 60% of consumers states that their only and first go-to online store is none other than Amazon as per Statista.
  • In the US, Amazon Prime has over 68 million members as per the research by eMarketer.

Amazon Marketing Services Stats in 2021

You must know how strongly you are required to promote your store on Amazon for generating quality sales. There are many marketing services that allow you to do so. An Amazon marketing company or agency also helps you out with Amazon marketing and advertising services, so you can always partner with them to get expert assistance. Here are some of the marketing and advertising services-related stats in 2021:

  • As per Jungle Scout, 81% of Amazon sellers are used to advertise their products on and off Amazon that makes the consumers aware of the importance of their brands.
  • According to Feedvisor, 43% of the consumers have clicked on the Amazon ads that are visible online on various platforms.
  • Almost more than half of Amazon brands sell an overestimation of $60.000 per month on their ads as per Jungle Scout.
  • According to a survey done by Feedvisor found that 88% of the brands used Amazon’s advertising in the year 2020.

Data and statistics can help you make better decisions and devise strategies for a better selling experience on Amazon. You can rely on your own abilities or take the help of an expert Amazon marketing company to get meaningful information out of the data. In the end, you need to understand that the data itself will be useful when you derive actionable elements out of it and apply those for succeeding on Amazon.