Android Cleaner


You can’t use Android phones for longer time without cleaning. Because it will eventually run out of storage, lost its performance and battery life too. Make sure to keep your Android phone optimized and healthy in order to have fast and smooth phone. Uncleaned Android phones collected with junks. Many does not know that are junks. Those are the files that collected over time including cache files, residuals from app updates and system updates, app data from uninstalled apps, redundant app backups, downloaded apk files and more. You can delete those files manually. Because it is hard to find which is important and which is not. It is always safe to use junk cleaning app.

Cleaner or Android Cleaner is such application designed to remove all available junk files to improve Android device performance, storage space and battery life quickly and easily. This is a completely free application. Easily download using Google play store. For devices without Play Store, can use Play Store alternative applications like AC Market. Click here to download ac market apk.

Key features of this cleaner.

Below listed some key features of this cleaner. For all features and specifications visit play store.

  • App Manager – You may have installed many apps and games over the time of using your phone. Most them are never used or rarely used. You can remove or backup those unwanted applications using app manager. Removing those apps helps to free storage space. It also helps to maximize phone performance.
  • Junk Cleaner – Quickly clean and remove junk files like memory cache, RAM, ads files, residual files from uninstalled apps, and etc.
  • Phone Booster – Phone booster feature comes with many extra features. If you want quick performance boost, use this feature to close all apps and background services. That helps to run your current application at max speed. Phone booster will reduce CPU temperature due to reduction of CPU workload. Increase battery time by blocking unwanted battery draining apps.
  • AppLock – This will add extra protection for your device. As you know unlocking phone will give access to apps like SMS, Call Logs, Gallery and more. You can password protect all your sensitive apps. You may need password to unlock those apps. Those apps will not unlock with main phone password. If your family member or friend want to take a call, you can confidently give your phone since all sensitive apps and data are locked with AppLock.

Above listed only few features of this application. Feel free to install this application using ac market, play store or using aptoide and find those features by using. You can install Android Cleaners on Android TV boxes. Use third party TV stores like FileSynced. FileSynced is the easiest way to install any Android app or game on your Android TV and Fire TV for free.