Best Management Software for Connecting the Church with the People


Making an association with a church is a good sign of living. And it would be easier when people get a trusted community that will help them and there is an open communication line between the authorities and common people. Handling a church and guiding people from dark to light, is not an easy job. You have to keep tabs on your people, ceremonies, Sunday school, and many other kinds of stuff.

And that’s why you need a digital hand to help you serve your community better. That’s why Faith Teams has done a superb job by building software, which will help you to organize your church’s day-to-day businesses. This Church Management Software is built by church leaders to help church leaders in their job.

Features of a Church Management Tool

  • People: From the people section, you can add your whole community to one place. You can search for a specific person and see their profile and have access to their family members and contact information.
  • Tags: In the tag section of the Church Management Application, you will be able to divide your people into different groups by tagging them. You can also communicate with them via text or email from here directly.
  • Events: Here, you can add your church’s events and services to your google calendar and you can also record attendance directly from here.  You can also send itinerary from your calendar to any people you need.
  • Volunteers: From this section, you can schedule each volunteer’s schedule and let them know about the time to volunteer. They can then accept or reject it also. And you can also send follow up emails automatically to remind them about their duty hours.
  • Donation: You can easily check donations from this section and print out tax returns and set up an online account for donations.
  • Reports and Charts: You can see the daily and weekly reports and trending trends from here. You can also see and review recent activities. You can create forms of donations and sign-ups for events to make your church grow. 
  • Access: It is a cloud-based service; you can add your whole team and give them the necessary permission to access the software. You can have remote access to log in. 

All of this service comes at a bare minimum subscription price. This Church Management Software will keep your activities streamlined and will help to make your community prosper under your church.