Best WordPress Coupon Code Plugins for Your Online Store


When a person is about to open an online store, one of the important aspects they look out for is coupon placement. For that, one surely needs a wordpress coupon code plug-in. The importance of a coupon code is that it promotes your store and increases your store’s sales. For the consumer, the promo code is the best way to get a discount. Even the website owner can make use of  Digitechnopost WPX hosting Coupon to get discount on hosting. 

When the promo code is so much important, we have thought that let us find the best wordpress plug-ins. There is a list of the six best wordpress coupon code plug-ins mentioned below. Now you can easily decide from these six plug-ins that which one you want for your website. So, let us deep dive and learn about these plug-ins in detail. 

Advanced Coupons

The advanced coupons are one of the best coupons plug-ins that you can add to your wordpress website. One of the most famous coupons you can see in the online stores is the BOGO. The buy one gets one coupon, which enables you to get a 50 percent discount on your purchase. One can also give away these coupons in the form of the loyalty program of their website. It will attract customers that you can never expect to be visiting your website. 

WP Coupons and Deals

WP Coupons and deals are the most simple b coupons plug-in you will find. We can easily customize the coupons digitally according to the requirement and upload them on our website. The features are that we can easily customize the text, colors, and designs using this plug-in. Also, the categories of coupons available on this plug-in are broad. The plug-in has both a free and paid version with many good features. 

Affiliate coupons

With this plug-in help, we get the basic feature to display the coupon we have created on our website. The main feature of this plug-in is you can configure the coupons according to the affiliate. You can also make up the affiliate link for the people who apply for affiliate on your platform. The only backside of using this platform is that you cannot perform a wide variety of customization tasks on this platform. 

Coupon Pop-up

It is the latest and the emerging WordPress plug-in that the customer use for building and applying coupons. It will help us beautifully design a coupon that we can showcase on the side pane or your website’s posts. There is a feature of coupon pop-up also which will bind the customer to your website. My personal experience with the help of this coupon pop-up the bouncing back of the vi8sitors can be decreased manifolds.

Magic WP Coupons- Lite

If we want a full-fledged coupon website, then this coupon plug-in is the best. We can easily create as well as manage our coupons through this plug-in. There are more than ten predesigned coupon templates available for us anytime if we install this plug-in. Also, we will enjoy getting an option to share the coupons with the help of this plug-in easily.

Social Offers 

It is the latest wordpress plug-in, and due to its features, it has made up a way to this list. The social offers is a social media plug-in that will help you with Facebook and Twitter handle support. You can also integrate many apps like Mailchimp and Spotify on this plug-in. The benefit will be that the coupon that is created will be easily sharable to these social platforms. We can also customize the coupons according to every platform we are using in recent advertisements.

Now there will be a question the mind of many people reading the above plug-in. The question is, what the need for these coupons is. So let us discuss in detail the benefits of these coupons:-

    • The coupons will help you boost your platform’s sales and create a feeling of trust in the customers to shop from your website.
    • The coupon acts as a win-win situation for everyone, either a website owner or the consumer. The website will get a lot of contacts and customers, and on the other hand, customers will enjoy the discount.
    • The coupons can also be used as a way to drive traffic to your website. When we are starting a new website, then coupons can act as a friend to you. The word discount of free in the coupon acts as a lead magnet for the customer, and they will at least come to visit the platform once.
  • More than these benefits the Cloudways Promo code can also help you to get discounts on buying hosting plans.


These are the top 6 coupon plug-ins of the wordpress that we can choose out from. We have to check out for all the requirements we have from a coupon and then choose one from them. So, without wasting any time, we must start making up the list and working on it.