Common Issues in 123 hp com setup


When we talk about hp printers, product quality is something that strikes our mind. These printers work very smoothly and can handle various printing tasks. These printers are top-rated and commonly used in workplaces and at home too. The 123 hp com setup is effortless when you follow the guidelines precisely. We can do 123 hp setup or 123 HP com setup 2600 in simple steps. You must study the steps correctly that are provided in the manual of the product.

But from time to time, there are setup issues you might encounter. We will find out some common problems during the setup and their practical solution. Hp printers perform properly if you set them up properly.

Following are some setup issues and followed by the feasible solution:

  1. No connection

This is an error that is very common during setup. You can experience it regularly. It is very baffling in nature. We will try here to find a proper fix here.


The improper setup can be a reason. Also, no connection can occur due to the power source not being connected. You must check and reset it all.

  1. Interference

Interference can be there as a result of numerous electronic devices present in the path of the wifi signal. This issue can cause poor signal during a wireless setup. Now let’s look at the solution.


Make sure that the path of the wifi signal is not interfered with by any electronic device. You can then reset the HP printer as well as your computer to overcome interference issues.

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  1. Printing issues

There are many types of printing issues that you might encounter. The printing ink is not deep enough; the printer is offline and more.


The printer ink cartridges should be changed to overcome the ink problem. For other technical issues related to the printer, we would recommend resetting it.

  1. Improper placement and connection

And at times, due to workload, we may perform the improper setup. And this can poor functioning of the printer, as a result.


For most of the technical problems, you should reset the device.


Hp printers are top quality products. They make printing jobs as easy as ever. You can do 123 hp com setup, 123 hp-setup, 123 hp com setup 2600 very easily. But there are many setup issues. We have discussed the same here. And their solutions too.