Facebook Ads Look To Help Increase eCommerce Growth!


Over the years, there has been a sudden preference for online shopping over physical one. While the latter currently has the highest bidding, the former has met more demands in the easiest ways.

According to statistics, there was an increase in online shopping in South East Asia in 2020 by 41%. Unfortunately, not everyone living within that jurisdiction – about 68% know exactly where to turn to for products online.

With Collaborative Ads, the eCommerce industry is about to become a better one, especially in South East Asia. It is a strategy to connect shoppers with online retailers and create demand by ensuring brands run direct sales campaigns via these e-retailers.

What Has Facebook Done So Far?

Ideally, Facebook Marketing has been of great help to foster the growth of the eCommerce industry. Recently, Marketing Science experts briefly analyzed the market and how consumers are suddenly relying on online retailers for their needs.

Two effective tools that were used in this analysis were Facebook Pixel and SDK. Both were responsible for capturing data, i.e., signals of every purchase intention made by a consumer. This data is provided in real-time.

In the analysis covered in a video – the Metal Analysis of Over 1500 Accounts Across Multiple Categories, experts discover an extra volume opportunity every week aggregating towards a sale period. This means that there is an additional cumulative purchase volume every week – about 46% by the 2nd and 3rd week aided by post-mega sale advertisement.

Furthermore, the CFA (Cost Per Acquisition) was discovered to be less expensive by 19% compared to the mega sale days of the coming weeks. With that, there is an opportunity for marketers to sell products without limitations. This is how pubblicita su Facebook works.

In the words of the CEO, Quanta Digital Inc., Ash Mandhyan: “Reflecting on the year 2020, Facebook Solutions helped positively impact the retail business. The Facebook Collaborative Ads were of immense help since its use in 2019. However, we have only used it to drive conversions only during the mega sale.”

He further added: “We ran Collaborative Ads so that losses from the expectations on offline retail are made up for. Also, Facebook has helped make clients happy by increasing target sales by 46.4% on average (22.4% on days). Indeed, it will always be a solution to every eCommerce platform.”

The Chief Customer Experience & Revenue Officer, Ellana Cosmetics, Guita Gopalan, also said: “With sales growth by 350 times since 2015, Collaborative Ads has helped improve customer experience by introducing and seamless delivery. It has also helped in optimizing campaigns for better sales outcome.”