Free VPN Services and the Risks Involved in Using It 


Different VPN service providers are available today. Some of them will offer you free services also and some will charge you for the services. You need to know the difference between a paid VPN services and free VPN services. In a free VPN service, the service providers ensure that using their services is pretty safe, but actually, it’s not. The encryption in those free VPN services is very poor and also not up to date. But in a paid VPN services, the security is very strong, and also your data is not easily transferred to third parties or hackers. 

Why You Should Not Choose Free VPN Services 

Free VPN service providers will also see their profit first and will compromise your security. If you want anonymous browsing then you should choose a good VPN service provider who will not easily sell off your details to a third party. As per the latest studies on these service providers of VPN, it has been found out that most of the VPN service providers are not acting in good faith. If you want to check how good a VPN service provider is then you should go for those service providers who are offering a free trial or money-back guarantee. 

Choose Express VPN 

One of the best VPN service providers is the Express VPN. It scores the best ranking if you go to compare it with other service providers. It has a large server fleet and it is available in many countries. Just check out online. It has a very good speed. But there are few things that you will not like about it and i.e. firstly it is expensive and they don’t provide the customers with a free trial. Express VPN also has apps for different operating systems. It is available for Linux, android, windows, iOS, and Mac.