From Now On You Can Download From Instagram Whatever Photo You Want


Instagram is the most happening thing today on the internet. You can find literally everyone there. It is like a party where everyone is invited, no matter how young or old. You can find your long-lost besties there, or the relatives you never knew existed.

The thing that makes Instagram so much popular is the fact, one can share the happy moments captured on the camera there with friends and family. You also get to see what others are up to. In this era when keeping touch becomes difficult, Instagram is connecting people, ideas, and much more.

Does Instagram have everything?

There is no denying the fact that Instagram is a fun and effective way to entertain yourself. The platform is so engaging that you won’t even realize when the time passed. The photos, videos, and reels all are so interesting that it gets impossible to keep your eyes off them. The one thing that can annoy Instagram users is the platform’s inability to let users download from Instagram. Most users face this daily, and sometimes, it can be a little frustrating.

What is the need to save IG photos?

Now you may ask for what reason one would want to save the photos and images from Instagram. Well, the following are the possible explanations:

  • Instagram content is so much popular that you want it saved in your gallery, not just on the app. Everyone wants it, from a simple regular user to a marketer.
  • The second reason is more professional, but can also be the case with regular users. You can download images for inspiration. Yes, you read it right. Sometimes you come across images that are related to your account in some way or the other, so you want to keep them for future references or posts.
  • Content curation is yet another reason why one might want to save the images on their phone. Let’s say that you create a page for sharing different images from different posts of bloggers that are somehow connected to a similar topic. You want to put the high-quality images on your page (of course by putting the author credits), but don’t want to disturb the bloggers with that.

How to download the images?

The question that arises here is if you can download from Instagram or not? Fortunately you can, with Instagram photo downloader websites like GreatFon. You need to copy the URL of the photo you want to save and then paste it on the download bar of the website. Click on the download and voila, the photo you wanted is saved in your gallery.

Is it free?

You might be thinking if the service demand any cost or is free. For that, it is absolutely free with no cost involved. All you have to do is to go to the website and do the thing you need to. There is no restriction to that.

But one thing that you can’t find on the website is downloading the photos of a private account. Well, that should not be any problem as to why would one want to download the photos, if they don’t know the person.

Apart from this, you can download the photos from anywhere anytime you want. Be happy.