How Facebook Marketing Keeps It Personal


If you want to make a successful connection between your business and a potential consumer, you need to keep it personal. This is particularly true when you’re marketing. Personalization is now seen by consumers as something they expect. They no longer want to be bombarded with vague and irrelevant messaging. In fact, 74% of respondents in a recent survey said they were annoyed when they regularly see ads that they found irrelevant. Instead, they want something quite different.

31% of consumers in a survey carried out by an American retail marketing agency say that they wish their shopping experience was more personalized than it currently is. 20% said they had never received any personalized offers or promotions based on previous transactions, and just 22% were satisfied with the current level of personalization they receive. The same study also found that 59% of shoppers who had encountered personalized marketing believed that it had a significant influence on their purchasing decision. These figures indicate the lost opportunities when personalization is not employed within a marketing strategy. At the same time, it strongly hints at the potential that exists when a more personal approach is taken.

It’s not just consumers who see the value of personalization. An American study of marketers working across the spectrum of small businesses, medium-sized enterprises and large corporations revealed that 96% of respondents felt it had helped them build stronger customer relationships. 88% said they perceived a measurable lift in business results when personalization was adopted as a marketing tactic. And 61% also said that personalization helped them deliver a superior customer experience.

So, consumers demand more personalization in the messaging they encounter and marketers see the benefits in delivering those sorts of messages. The link between the two is Facebook marketing. Facebook is still at the top of the tree when marketing is concerned, and it is its ability to deliver personal and targeted advertising that keeps the social media platform at such lofty heights.

This New Zealand digital marketing agency specialising in Facebook advertising explains why. According to them, the main difference between advertising on Facebook and other forms of advertising is that Facebook is able to specifically target social media marketing. Where something like Google Ads is dependent on prospective customers searching for a product or service online, Facebook places ads in front of users based on a broad selection of targeting options. No searching required.

According to the agency, Facebook ads can proactively target the people a business is hoping to convert. This puts the business in control, instead of the end-user which is often the case with other forms of advertising e.g. Google Ads. Facebook ad campaigns can be directed to specific users with a laser-like precision based on age, gender, location, occupation, interest income, religion and hobbies. This gives a business the power to create a range of ads and campaigns with different messages for different people, depending on who they are, what they like and how they’re most likely to respond.

To convert, you need first to connect. And that connection is at its strongest when it is a personal one. That is why Facebook marketing is still one of the very best ways to hit that lucrative target.