How NetbaseQuid’s Provides Targeted Social Listening Solutions for Influencer Marketing


Social listening is an important part of any marketing campaign. It helps businesses better reach their goals through targeted solutions. There are very specific ways in which listening tools can benefit an organization. The importance of targeting influencers and custom listening solutions are outlined below. It’s important to understand how your organization can best interact with its most influential consumer base.

Social Listening and Brand Advocacy

Social listening continues to grow in relevance. There are more people participating in social media than ever before. They are doing so in ways that are increasingly complex. While many marketing approaches can impact brand advocacy, there are situations where maintaining a competitive advantage will necessitate social listening tools.

It’s important to understand that good social listening solutions will be essential in reaching out to advocates of your brand. Close competitors will differ in listening needs. This is why targeted solution are increasingly important in the modern online environment.

Targeted Solutions

Target solutions are increasingly complex. There was a time when effective online marketing could be found in a generic OTC product. Businesses will be at a loss without a modernized custom solution. However, not all products are the same. NetbaseQuid provides some of the best insights available. The company combines AI with social media analytics to create unique solutions for its clients.

Website Content and Actionable Insights

Custom social listening solutions are merely part of the equation. For a complete marketing campaign, your business will need to explore how it interacts with the consumer. This is because the modern environment is in a state of flux. Emotions and daily events alter how consumers respond from one moment to the next. How your organization approaches website content and leverages influencer insights can make the difference between standing out from the competition.

Website content is often seen as something that is static. It absolutely doesn’t need to be. To clarify, some content, like mission statements and company history, rarely undergos alteration. Other content, especially that which directly relates to daily marketing events, should be considered with the goals of an organization. One of the most notable areas where a business interacts with influencers is in its press releases and blogs. Certainly, this is website content that greatly benefits from listening tools.

Influencer Insights

Blogs present the opportunity for an organization to forge deep connections with influencers and further advocacy. The most lucrative campaigns are ones that adapt and grow with time. Actionable insights need to be integrated as a standard practice. It’s something that can transform a marketing campaign. Influencer insights should be a part of proactive approaches of marketing campaigns. To employ this effectively, trends need to be identified. Influencer behaviors will also need to be intimately understood.

With proper planning and the right listening tools, influencer insights can lead to more effective solutions than previously possible. Finding the best solutions for your business means understanding both how influencers perceive your brand as well as their preferences. It’s a delicate balance that needs to flow with market conditions. This is why custom solutions need to remain flexible enough to take action.

About NetbaseQuid

NetbaseQuid is one of the premier providers of social analytics. The company formed when Netbase, a social media analytics company, saw an opportunity to combine AI solutions developed by Quid. The merger resulted in one of the most advanced customized providers of social analytics at any level. NetbaseQuid continues to develop market leading products that can be tailored as your business grows. It’s an unparalleled advantage for connecting with influencers.