How To Make Apps More Appealing With Onboarding Process


Apps are the best solution providing tools. Designers develop them keeping UX and UI in mind. Once the app is developed, the onus still remains on the developers to make its use as seamless as possible. This seamless becomes possible to achieve with user onboarding software. The onboarding process with the help of these tools help in making the apps quite appealing to the users in following ways:

  1. Engages customer in an action-oriented manner: User onboarding process involves making use of features and tools that can incite a response or action from the customer. The customers download any app to have a feeling of fulfillment offered by DIY approach that it provides. Onboarding process clears the doubt, builds confidence and allows customers to take actions that lead to their satisfaction. Having solved a problem all by themselves is the ultimate feeling that onboarding allows the user to experience.
  2. Emphasize value proposition: Onboarding allows the app owners to put forth clearly what they intend to offer through the tool. The process encourages the customers to get attracted to underlying values and derive benefits from them the way application intends to provide.
  3. Make onboarding quick: Onboarding process should not extend beyond 2 to 3 steps. Winning user attention is just the start of things; retaining it can be a big challenge. Onboarding process can quicken the user starting interaction with the app and bring in comfort level required for encouraging deeper association.
  4. Tell what is really not known: Providing too obvious an information to the user and calling it onboarding can hit back badly and generate bad reviews. With the best user onboarding software, speak to the customer only when they need your guidance.

By using tips mentioned above, you can make onboarding an effective enabler of customer experience; try to avoid making it a hindrance by aligning the process with user needs and expectations.