How to Use Robots and RPA to your Advantage


According to a research by Loop Ventures, the industrial Robotic market is expected to grow by over 175% over the next 10 years. Moreover, another research by Forrester indicates that RPA is expected to rise to a $2.5 Billion industry by 2021.

These statistics show that robotics and robotic procession automation is destined to dominate the market. Their drastic rise indicates that most companies and businesses are turning to them for a change.

Robot manufacturers such as Universal Robots, are also keen to continue the development of this technology with devices such as Cobots.

Nonetheless, despite thee being numerous advancements in robotics and RPA, only a few companies know how to utilize them for profits.

Therefore, below, we try to help you understand how to use this technology to your advantage.

1.     Cut down your expenses and costs

The profitability of a company is greatly affected by its spending power. By cutting down the expenses and unnecessary costs, your business will generate more profits.

But how do RPA and robots come into play?

Well, robots have for a long time been known to be much faster and efficient than human beings. Furthermore, one robot can accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously, replacing the need to hire more workers.

Modern robots, such as Cobots, also have a much lower maintenance cost and are more energy-efficient than most devices. This means that your budget significantly reduces.

Additionally, robots help reduce wastage of raw materials during production. As such, you get to cut down on the number of raw materials purchased.

2.     Eliminate Errors in production

In any business, the main reasons for losses are the errors that occur in production. Whether small or big, production errors slowly eat up your popularity among your customers and consequently, your dominance in the market.

The use of robots is a great way of ensuring that these errors are eliminated in your systems. Robots are more accurate than human workers and so, help avoid the small errors.

Moreover, Cobots can work alongside human workers and help complete the tasks that require the utmost precision.

They also don’t get tired like other workers and thus, can produce high-quality goods in high volumes.

3.     Improve your Efficiency

Robotic Process Automation, since its incorporation in industries, has resulted in nothing short of improved performance. Reports from major industries all suggest improved efficiency in their operations.

But how does RPA affect efficiency?

Well, according to case studies from Universal Robots, different companies have used different techniques. For one, the robots have been employed to complete the repetitive tasks of production.

This way, workers are relieved of the tedious work and get time to work on more demanding tasks. Alternatively, the robots can work overnight to complete orders during the high season.

Regardless of the volume, robots will be able to maintain the same quality for all products. Furthermore, as the employees offload tasks to the robots, they create more time for their customer service.

Consequently, your efficiency in production, processing, and customer delivery improves.

4.     Improve the working environment

Universal Robot’s Cobots consist mainly of an arm. Other modern robots are also equally small and thus, don’t take up much space in your industry as human workers. Therefore, by investing in RPA, you’ll create more floor space and freedom of movement in the industry.

The robots are also capable of working in different environments with minimal issues. Areas with sharp and heavy objects, or corrosive substances can be handled by the robots.

Most of all, Cobots can work peacefully with other workers, without resulting in any harm. Such working conditions motivates the workers to work extra hard.

You need to understand that when the employees are safe and happy then your business performance improves.


Robotics and RPA are taking over the industries. Their effect on industry performance can’t be ignored. By knowing how to use this technology to your advantage, you’ll be able to improve your efficiency, cut down costs, improve the working environment and even eliminate errors in production.

Therefore, if you’re wondering how you can use RPA to your advantage, be sure to try out the points above!