Important Information About Laser Cutting


Laser cutting is considered an advanced cutting process that can be used for several metal fabrication projects. For some, it is the best option to create precise and accurate cuts. There are some fabricators that will use laser cutters for more intricate designs that require this high level of precision. If someone is thinking about purchasing a laser cutter, a good first step is going to Boss Laser to learn about the options. Shoppers can also read the information here to learn more about this process and the benefits a laser offers.

How Do Laser Cutters Work?

Laser cutting is a process that involves a very high-powered and focused laser. The machine will run the laser beam through the material, which creates a hole. After a hole is made in the material, the laser will cut through and leave a clean cut and smooth finish.

Sometimes, laser cutters use pulse laser beams. This is when a cut is created with pulses from the laser. At other times, laser cutters will use a continuous wave, which is when the beam remains focused on the material until the cut is complete. In both situations, a laser cutter will use a high-powered beam to pierce the material and create precise and intricate cuts.

What Materials Can Modern Lasers Cut Through?

Today’s laser cutters are extremely versatile machines. They can cut through many materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics, and more. Laser cutters are also great options for cutting through copper, brass, stainless steel, nickel, aluminium, copper, and more.

What Is the Cut Quality?

Since this machine will make cuts using a laser, there are some people who are concerned about the overall quality and HAZ of the cuts that are produced. However, the heat-activated zone is minimal when a laser cutter is used. Also, laser cutters use a narrow, focused beam that provides extremely precise cuts. Since these are programmed using a computer, and since they cut with a high level of precision, the cuts are extremely accurate, too. While the cutting is going on, the laser beam is going to smooth the cut, which creates a high-quality cut that is reliable in various manufacturing processes. That ensures quality, intricate designs.

How Does Laser Cutting Compare with Other Cutting Methods?

Laser cutting is considered a very energy-efficient process. It uses much less power than other types of cutting systems. Also, laser cutters are able to create more precise and accurate cuts than other types of cutting mechanisms. The process is faster than other methods, such as waterjet cutting. Also, the cutting process is safer for the operator than a spinning blade.

Will the Laser Cutter Cause Damage to the Items Being Cut?

Since a laser is going to use heat for producing cuts, some people may worry that the heat-activated zone will cause damage to the material that is being cut. However, this is not the case. These are very focused and precise machines that create minimal heat damage. Also, the laser will smooth the cut while it is cutting, which means there is no damage to the area around the cut.