Is It Possible To Use A Proxy In China?


While the Great Wall of China captivates more than 10 million tourists every year, there is also the Great Firewall that prevents Chinese residents and guests from visiting more than 10,000 sites. Whether you are on a business trip or you study there, you will feel that the net is limited in this country. Many popular sites are prohibited in China, so it can be extremely difficult to be in contact with your loved ones when you are abroad.

However, the Great Firewall doesn’t work perfectly, and there are a lot of ways to overcome this obstacle. This is where a proxy comes to help! A trustworthy proxy server is a protected and effective way to restore access to social media sites and online platforms. But what if you need to use Chinese proxies? It is also possible.

How to use a proxy for China

While you need a foreign proxy to access many non-Chinese websites and online tools that are blocked in China, the opposite is also true. You will need a proxy from China to visit Chinese web sources. Here is what you need to know about it.

1. Private proxies are better

When you visit websites with a Chinese proxy, you pretend to be a real device from China. Private proxies, contrary to shared proxies, are relatively difficult to detect, so you can lower the risk of getting blacklisted. Buy proxy from the reliable service provider to be sure you get the lowest price on the market.

2. Speed is crucial

Slow speeds and dead proxies are common as the overall quality of the connection is low in China. Opt for the bang-up proxy servers to get a fast and stable connection at any time, day or night. Different proxies offer different speeds, so it is better to check it beforehand.