Learn to capture the memory not just the picture:


On a daily basis, you see thousands of images and videos while scrolling through your Instagram feed. Some images create such an impact on you that you don’t easily forget them for years. It’s not about what high end camera the photographer has used to click the picture. But it has to do with the artistic ability of that photographer. It is not about clicking the image, but about capturing the memory. When you learn how to click in such a way, your work starts to stand out. Now, there could be a lot of different techniques to drive the mood of a viewer that has to do with the craftsmanship of an artist. All of which you can learn only with the experience. But it is crucial to remember in the first place that taking a good image is all about enclosing the memories in a frame.

Every clicked image requires a bit of editing:

It would naïve to think that most of the images posted by your favorite celebrities online are raw and do not go through an editing software. An editing program only helps you to enhance your picture. Mac users also have the advantage of using the built-in image editor by reading this guide https://skylum.com/blog/how-to-use-macs-built-in-image-editor here. Most of the artists has a fear of losing their credit to that particular application, they have used. However, it is important to understand that it was them who composed the picture beautifully in the first place but not the application.

Why to spend money when there are free alternatives available online:

The most preferred image editor by photographers is Lightroom. The only problem is that it costs you a lot. But fortunately, there are various free alternatives for Lightroom available here https://skylum.com/blog/guide-to-the-best-free-lightroom-alternatives. These free alternatives can provide you the same results as Lightroom. As there is no cost factor involved, any neophyte who has just started can give these applications a shot as well.