Looking for a fresh start in IT? Discover Finland


Looking for a fresh start? Want to experience a new way of living, perhaps far from home? Then if you happen to have a background in ITof any sort you should definitely consider Finland to be your next stop.

Slightly more than 5M people live in this beautiful and tough land between Europe, Russia and the North Pole but many more will be needed in the next future to make up for the lack of skilled workforce especially in the IT industry.

Finland is ranked among the first places on the planet for quality of life and happiness of its citizens; a generally welcoming and warm people and good welfare, education and healthcare system makes the Nordic country a place worth living in even for those used to warmer temperatures and brighter winters.

Helsinki, Finland’s capital city, has 25% of its workforce coming from abroad but opportunities in the IT field go far beyond the limits of the capital city and its surroundings. Other cities like Tampere, Turku, Vantaa and Espoo are becoming more and more attractive for companies due to their functional infrastructure system, friendly bureaucracy and general ease of doing business.

So, if the long Finnish winters don’t scare you too much these are the steps you should follow to find a job in the IT sector in Finland:

  1. Discover ITJobs.AI, the IT Jobs Search engine Finland. It’s fast and easy to use and you can immediately find several job offers in English language and send your CV just in a few clicks.

If you are looking for an IT job in Finland in the 2020 this is probably the best way to go.

2.  Secondly, you can also consider the support of international recruitment agencies (like Adecco, Randstad, Manpower)or on your own by browsing general sites and social media looking for job offers you might be interested in (Linkedin, Monster, Indeed) to have an overview on the job market, salaries levels and highly requested position and skills (this will give you the chance to make minor adjustments, if needed, to your CV making it more appealing for Finnish employers).

3. Once shortlisted the companies you wish to apply do not hesitate, do not worry about required language skills because in most of the cases you won’t be requested any knowledge of Finnish being English the main working language used not only in IT but broadly in the corporate world which is becoming more and more multicultural especially in Helsinki and Tampere.

4.  Use directly companies’ websites to apply for vacancies and make sure to adjust your CV according to the needs and requirements of every job offer, this is key to match the interest and the attention of recruiters.

Don’t be discouraged if it will take some time before being contacted back by HR departments; working rhythms in Finland are not hectic like in the rest of Europe, give yourself time and use all the tools I’ve been mentioning and before you will be even tired of cold and snow your new adventure in Suomi will be already started.