Playing Creative Mode with Minecraft girls


Nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction when you can finally admire the finished product of hours of hard work with the Minecraft girl you’ve hired on Gank. All the long and hard work finally being shown and paying off. However, there’s only so much you could do in Survival mode. There are some resources that your chances of getting are slim to none, useful ones too. Take bamboo for example. They can be quite useful in building but are very hard to find

However, there is a game mode which removes all the restrictions. You have every single item within the palm of your blocky hands. You are unable to die, get hungry, or get targeted by enemies. You could even fly. This mode is called Creative Mode. In this mode, you’ve got tons you can do with your Minecraft girl.

Building an Empire

Indeed, you can also do this in Survival mode but it would probably take ages to achieve this. It’s one thing to build a village, but another when it’s an empire/kingdom. Just imagine how many stacks of wood, stone, and every other block you would need to build this project. It would take time just collecting the materials even if you had help. However, if you were in creative mode, it would take probably only a few real life days to finish, probably even faster if you have someone to help you.

You’d have all the types of stones, hardened clay, wood you would need to build this dream empire of yours. There are probably even some commands and tools that would make it easier to build. Some can place multiple blocks in a single click. Some could instantly terraform any landscape. Using these tools will definitely make building faster.

Build offs

This is the perfect way to put your building skills to the test. You could go one on one with the Minecraft girl you hired in Gank and compete to see who the better builder is. You could invite other friends or people on Gank to judge the builds. See who could build rustic houses better. See who could build medieval towers better.

It’s going to be difficult to do this on a regular world though, so you’re going to need to make a flat world. You could also practice your building skills this way. Know which blocks go perfectly with which and other stuff. Your Minecraft girl could even give you pointers if this is their field of expertise.


Creative mode is the perfect way to do experiments. You could try out the new blocks of each update and see what they do so you wouldn’t accidentally kill yourself in your Survival world because you used an item incorrectly.

You could also do some redstone experiments on Creative mode. Some redstone items are very hard to make on Survival so it would be best to do your redstone practices on Creative when you’ve got an infinite amount of every item. This will help you get better in using redstone to make your Survival world easier.

There’s a lot more you could do on Creative than on Survival so take advantage of that. Creative can make your gameplays faster and fresher and help you improve your skills. It’s even better if you’ve got someone to play with so go to Gank now to look for the perfect playmate.