Shared Hosting Vs. Cloud Hosting: Which Is Better And Why?


In an online business, you need to seek a space where you can store the essentials that make your website like the HTML codes and the soft copies of files. The Hosting provider produces the files to the world when they browse through your website. That is how your products get showcased online. There are different types of hosting for you to choose; ssd shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and cloud hosting. Choosing the correct hosting is a daunting task. In today’s article, we are going to set a comparison between shared and cloud hosting. 

The Basic Definition Of Shared And Cloud Hosting – How Are They Different?

Shared Hosting: This is the most common and widely used type of web hosting. In this type of hosting service, many websites dwell on one web server which is connected to the internet. It is the most economical option as the total cost of the server maintenance is distributed with many customers. Their service also includes system administration.

Cloud Hosting: Cloud hosting, on the contrary, uses the resource of several servers for your website. That implies that your business website is not just confined to one server, instead, it can be switched to another server if the existing one is exhausted. This is why cloud services are the ones that are most sought after nowadays. Check here for more details about best cloud hositng service.

The Probable Customers Of Shared And Cloud Web Hosting Service

Shared Hosting: In shared hosting, as a single server is divided between multiple users, hence the overall cost is lesser than the other hosting services. This is the best option for new start-ups that have a small fund. However, if you are into a business that requires substantial software developments, then, you shouldn’t go for a shared hosting service. Shared hosting allows for limited usage. There you need to check if the limit is enough for your business line. They are very reliable because they have many clients and have the best customer support to meet the problems of the customers.

Cloud Hosting: Cloud hosting is the most talked hosting services in the market because of its advanced features and is the best option for larger sites. When you are using cloud hosting services; you are no more dependent on one server and you do not have to face a downtime which increases productivity. It is a resolution for websites that have exceeded the usage of their existing servers. When a website becomes popular there are many changes required to be done and the files become heavy which in return strains the resources of the server making your website run slower. Cloud web hosting eases out this problem by providing, dedicated hosting space for your website.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shared And Cloud Hosting Service

Shared Hosting AdvantagesCost-Effective: It is much affordable to share the space on the server than to rent the full machine.

User-Friendly: They are easy to use without much technical help required. The server is organized well and preconfigured.

Disadvantage: Overload can cause slow down speed: As there are different sites on one server, if one of the sites consumes most of the resources of the server, other sites can perform poorly.

Cloud Hosting Advantages – Expandable: the space of cloud can be increased at any time.

Extensive bandwidth: There are almost nil chances of your website going down due to server fail.

Disadvantage: Expensive: It is quite expensive among the lot and may not be afforded by small scale business and start-ups.

Take the right decision when choosing best web hosting service. The entire selling experience depends on it. The more efficient and fast your website works, the more customers can you attract. Make your way to to know about the top hosting and benefits associated with it.