The future of Hawaiian Telcom bundle – new trends and challenges


What is bundling?

Bundling refers to the sale of two or more products as a single package of products or services. In recent years, Hawaiian telecommunications / MNO companies have increasingly sought product bundling partnerships with music and video streaming service providers to achieve Attract new customers, keep existing ones and stay with them Some suggest that with the advent of 5G, operators will also bring packages of game services to the market. Additional 540 digital content packs were launched in 93 countries around the world in 2019 According to Omdia.

A win-win scenario for operators and streaming service providers

Hawaii Telcom package (devices and connectivity) through which “free” content and advertising for streaming services are consumed. Streaming services offer operators added value for their customers. Streaming Services – You want to be the only ones out there offering a certain popular streaming service to users.

Operators are adding various streaming services to their tariff plans and prompting users to sign up with ads. They often offer a free trial period that is intended for users to “connect” to the service. After the free trial ends, users become paid subscribers.

The Hawaiian Telcom Bundle package offers an advantage in user acquisition that can be attractive for streaming service providers: They already have a billing mechanism and existing marketing channels to reach their target group. The most common payment mechanism used by operators is Direct Carrier Billing as they do not generate any revenue from card payments.

However, the Hawaiian Telcom Bundle Package is nothing new. As Google reported, Hawaiian Telcom has developed so-called “triple play” and “quadruple play” packages since the broadband Internet boom 20 years ago, “in which several products and services are bundled and offered incentives to increase acceptance. This includes all types of package options with mobile telephony, television, and wireless Internet services.

Why do consumers love packages?

Ovum (2019) recently surveyed consumers from six different markets (US, UK, China, Brazil, France, Australia) and 63% of them said they had bought a package with two or more services. respondents said they bought a package because “it was a good deal at the time of purchase,” while 32% said it was cheaper to buy a multiplay package than to buy each service individually.

Another important factor in favoring parcels: convenience. The Ovum study confirms that around 60% of people sign up for the media service included in the operator because it is easy to pay on their telecom bill or to pay for different services with a single bill, or for the best customer. Service

OTT Packets Are On The Rise

According to Ovum, “The increasing popularity of Netflix and packaged mobile services has left the traditional Hawaiian telecommunications service package exposed to competition from next-gen packets, which are gaining more appeal with new and existing consumers.

People (especially millennials and younger generations) prefer mobile telephony over fixed-line telephony in the package and SVOD (subscription-based video-on-demand) services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +, Hulu, etc. over pay-TV. as SVOD subscribers, the latter will continue to grow. Ovum states that “OTT TV content is growing in reach and should be seen as an integral part of the package for the next five years.”