The next generation video surveillance technology has arrived 


As a company, the surveillance of both physical and intellectual property is of great importance. It’s no wonder then that the interest in state-of-the-art surveillance technology has grown rapidly over the course of just a couple of years. Most companies now possess a 360 degrees surveillance system that enables them to keep an eye on buildings and general property, replay footage upon events and store great amounts of video data on internal servers. However, with artificial intelligence gaining momentum, a new standard of video surveillance emerged: smart surveillance based on deep learning video analysis.

Synology surveillance station 

One of the leading brands in surveillance software and storage is Synology. Their surveillance station is compatible with nearly any IP camera when a Synology license is purchased. This means, businesses are able to create a surveillance system that is interconnected and easy to use. Moreover, the Synology NAS/NVR storage system allows for the safe and secure storage of video footage captured by the entire surveillance system. 

Synology has been experimenting with deep learning video analysis and has now rolled out an update to facilitate even better techniques. The possibilities of deep learning video analysis allow for a safe and adequate approach to remote surveillance.

Endless features 

Some of the most predominant features of the Synology update include recognizing intruders – both humans and vehicles – within the parameters of a specific area, real-time facial recognition and registering occupancy rate. 

The features listed above allow for an all-encompassing approach to video surveillance and prevention of trespassing. Intruder recognition can be connected to an instant warning system, alarming staff and authorities of possible intrusion. Facial recognition allows for the verification of employees and visitors, granting a safe and secure environment. 

Registering the occupancy rate of a building is especially useful when a maximum number of people is allowed inside a building. The system will keep numbers automatically and inform staff when the maximum occupancy rate has been reached. Moreover, the detailed occupancy reports grant insight into what timeslots know the highest peaks in people inside the building – which can in turn help streamline processes. 

Expanding your surveillance system with AI 

With the technological development of AI, video surveillance is becoming more and more automated. Companies are therefore increasingly interested in expanding their surveillance system to become the smart and fully-automated system it can be. Fortunately, the Synology software and additional licenses facilitate this ambition and offer sufficient solutions to surveillance issues. 

Most NAS/NVR systems come with either 1, 4 or 8 free camera licenses to connect your IP cameras. However, upon expanding your system, additional licenses are required. In order to expand your surveillance system, you can purchase your camera licenses through trusted reselling partners of Synology.