Ultimate Guide to Quality Dedicated Server Hosting


Large and small companies have several options when hosting their site, web app, or mail server. The most common choice is shared hosting. This is where one server is shared by several websites. But there are situations where dedicated server hosting is a better option. Keep reading to find out more.

Sometimes, a company wants more control and power over their hosting so they need a company with dedicated hosting. When you choose this option, you rent the server from a dedicated hosting company. You have sole rights to that server’s resources. The provider will work with you to give you all the RAM, CPU and disk space you need.

Why consider dedicated hosting? There are several reasons:

First, your server resources are shared with no one else. When you select a dedicated hosting provider, you get all of the resources of one server. You wil not need to worry about other sites using your server’s RAM and CPU. When you have a dedicated server, you will be certain that bad scripts on another site aren’t going to slow your site.

Better security and performance is another benefit. You will enjoy more uptime. Remember, shared hosting is the best choice for sites with low or medium traffic. But if your site gets a ton of traffic, dedicated servers offer more reliability and stability than shared hosting.

With your own server, you’ll know you aren’t sharing with a malicious website or spammer. Dedicated hosting lets you have more security, which is vital for firms doing sensitive transactions by SSL or FTP.

Next, you have more flexibility with your own server. You can have the server customized to your needs for RAM, CPU, disk space, and software. You also have a customizable server environment that you can tailor design for your needs. You can select the platform you want and the software you need.

Also, you will have your own unique IP address. When you share hosting, this means you are sharing the IP address with other sites. If one of your neighbor sites is involved in spam or porn, this could damage your site rank.

These are the biggest benefits of dedicated server hosting, which should be your choice if you have a high-traffic site. Of course, dedicated hosting is more expensive, but it’s worth it in the end when you have a lot of customers, visitors, or clients.