Understanding the Difficulties of An iPad Repair


Over half of all American adults own a tablet. Tablets, like the very popular iPad, are excellent for watching shows, playing games, and even getting some work done. Just like cell phones, your iPad is subject to damage from drops, scrapes, and general wear and tear. When you experience problems with your iPad or tablet, it may be tempting to try to fix them on your own. After all, there are many tutorials and kits available online for iPad repair. However, iPad repair is a challenging process that is best left to a professional. Here’s why:

Apple Designs them That Way

If you have ever thought an Apple iPad or cell phone seems harder to repair than other brands, you would be correct. Apple products are notoriously difficult to repair because Apple glues and locks as many pieces as possible. iPads are considered a 2 out of 10 for repairability due to a large amount of strong adhesive around the tablet. While the design makes iPads so sleek yet sturdy, it also makes them challenging to repair.

Different iPad Repairs

The specific type of repair your iPad needs will determine the complexity and difficulty of the repair. For example, drop damage repairs tend to be the least expensive because the LCD is air-gapped so the cover glass can be replaced separately. Additionally, the LCD is relatively easy to remove if you can separate the cover glass from the digitizer. However, since the LCD has adhesive connecting it to the front panel, there is a large risk of damage during disassembly, especially when a novice attempts a repair. Battery replacement is particularly challenging since adhesive hold all the parts in place. In general, iPad repairs will be very sticky and difficult due to the amount of adhesive.

Don’t Try iPad Repair at Home

The most common iPad problems like water damage, cracked screens, or broken LCDs are not covered by your iPad’s warranty. When your iPad gets damaged, it is easy to turn to at-home solutions to avoid paying high repair fees. The guides online often oversimplify the process of iPad repair and make the repairs seem much easier than they actually are. It’s not until they are in the middle of wrenching apart your iPad that people realize the process is much more involved than they are prepared for.

Due to the complexity and difficulty of iPad repair, it is best to seek a qualified technician for all repairs. Attempting to repair your iPad at home could end up costing you much more in the long run, and wasting many hours of your time. Even with an iPad repair kit and some tutorials, you will not have all of the tools and education that you need to properly repair your iPad. Turning to a professional for iPad repair is the best way to return your iPad to its original condition. Luckily, we have experienced technicians and affordable iPad repair services that can effectively fix your iPad. To learn more about our iPad repair or to schedule an appointment, contact us HERE.