What is the Role of a CMMC Auditor?

  • Data Validation

A CMMC auditor will have a thorough understanding of the model and will be able to tell you exactly what type of data the company handles. If you’re unclear, this check is critical, as it will determine the organization’s proper maturity level based on the data audit alone. It’s also worth noting that, even if UCI is the type of data you work with, level 5 maturity may not be required. An auditor will be familiar with the model’s peculiarities and will be able to specify the exact level needed, saving you time and money.

  • Checks on Employee Awareness

Even though it is included as part of the overall cyber health check, most auditors will pay special attention to the level of employee awareness and any training methods that have been implemented. This audit is geared toward higher levels of maturity, but it’s a good idea to start early to ensure employee cybersecurity maturity.

  • Audit of Domains and Capabilities

The cmmc compliance model, like previous frameworks, is a set of controls that should be implemented based on the maturity level necessary. This issue will be addressed by a CMMC auditor who will check the domains that are required for your certification. The domains are collections of security-related topics that have been adapted from NIST and other cyber frameworks.

An auditor will examine the domains and capabilities that must be implemented to achieve the target maturity level. The capabilities are the model’s version of “controls,” and each of the 17 domains has its own set of capabilities. The auditor will determine whether the capabilities have been implemented correctly and, if not, will recommend a course of action.

  • Audit of Process Integration

Process integration is the ultimate and most important audit. The degree to which the competencies have been integrated into the entire culture of the business will ultimately determine whether the organization has attained the desired level of maturity. As a result, a C3PAO will be able to issue certification. As a result, the process integration will be examined by an auditor. This check could be done using a survey, questionnaire, or another method that the auditor specifies. These are only a handful of the audits a CMMC auditor might perform, but it all depends on the maturity level you must meet; it might be a more thorough procedure.