What Is TikTok?


The social network came to us from China, where it operates under the name Douyin. The application was released to the international market as TikTok. The name is simple and memorable. TikTok is a kind of mix of Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine. The service is designed to create and view short vertical videos, as well as exchange messages.

You can record a 15-second or 60-second clip and get it without watermarks using tiktok video downloader. Most of the content here is music videos, sketches, or reactions to trends. TikTok users can launch live broadcasts and broadcast directly from the epicenter of events (for example, from a rock concert or a youth get-together).

How to Register on TikTok?

This is not necessary at all if you just want to flip through the feed and watch the video. To activate other functions, such as the publication of videos, you still have to register on the social network. So, how to create yourself a TikTok account:

  • Go to the Play Market or App Store, download and install the application on your smartphone, tablet. You can just go to the official website of the social network and watch the video, but to use all the features of TikTok, you will need a mobile application.
  • Go to the “Me” section and click on the “Register” button. It is as easy as shelling pears to do it: use your phone or email, a Google, Facebook, or Instagram account. Choose the most convenient way to register with TikTok.
  • The application will ask when your birthday is. Set a date and you’re done! In the account that opens, you can change the username, photo, and video, add a description, and links to Instagram and YouTube.

Sections “Home”, “Interesting”, “Add video” and “Inbox” are now at your disposal.